Joe Cookie KIND video

Long time BMX rider, videographer and friend of Defgrip Joe Cookie created this video about an awesome guy who helped out Hurricane Sandy victims and then got a little help himself.

Forever Bicycles


Chinese Contemporary artist, Ai Weiwei, has a sick installation up in Toronto called “Forever Bicycles,” which conists of about 3,000 bicycles installed together to create this behemoth sculpture. This thing looks massive and epic; if you are in Toronto definitely go scope this it out! Found this over at Huh, which is a good source for some time wasting…obviously after you waste time here first.


Treehouse of Horror

Check out this years extended Treehouse of Horror intro by Guillermo del Toro. There are more film references in this than I’ll ever be able to point out.


Why Not?

Just Cuz…

It's all fun and games until a dog grabs your leg.



action park, new jersey, documentary

Holy shit, Action Park! Haven’t thought about that place in a minute.

I know some of you Jersey/East Coast viewers remember Action Park (from back in the day) well. Wild rides, loose atmosphere and urban legends galore. I’ve only been there once, but it was awesome. And yes, that loop of death was closed that day.

Click below to check out this quick 2 part mini documentary on the place.


Miami Vice color palettes


One of the coolest things about watching old episodes of Miami Vice is noticing the fact that pretty much each episode has a strict color palette. The wardrobes, props, interior decor, landscapes and even food (!) adhere to the palette.

Click below to see a bunch more grabs from a single episode (Season 3 Episode 2) which aired in 1986 and guest starred Liam Neeson. Colors were blue with hints of green and yellow.


The Bushwick Collective

the bushwick collective, street art, nychos, buffmonster, tristan eaton, etc...

Stoked on this new collaboration wall that just wrapped up in Brooklyn. Features Nychos, Buffmonster, Tristan Eaton and a bunch of other dudes from all over.

Follow The Bushwick Collective to stay up on this outdoor gallery in Brooklyn.


Girls, Girls, Girls

Motley Crue & Jay-Z cuz FUCK IT!