The Shady Records Story

Gaze into Eminem’s psycho stare then hit play.

Pitchfork’s Over / Under

Where have I been? Can’t believe I haven’t come across Pitchfork’s Over / Under series before. I just barreled through a bunch of these, as should you.

I didn’t think it could be possible, but Action riding with Guy Fieri makes me love him even more!!!!!


jcro, art, jordan, nike

If you’re a fan of Jordan, Sneakers or just triangular shit in general, then check out JCRO’s stuff.

Follow on INSTAGRAM and check out the STORE.



Atlanta based artist FRKO rides BMX and does art for Action Bronson, including his debut album cover. That’s awesome.

CLick below for a Q&A with FRKO.


Wiffle Ball Anyone?


Supreme never ceases to surprise me in the accessories department.

Easy Rider

Dude’s a mad genius.

RIP – Robin Williams

peggy sirota pic

peggy sirota pic

Gabe Brooks

Cruise with Gabe around South Central for a revealing look into his day-to-day.

Zane Lowe Meets… Rick Rubin.

Always down to hear Rick Rubin speak. Dude’s a legend.