The Photographer Series: Jonathan Mehring

The Photographer Series: Jonathan Mehring from Andrew Norton on Vimeo.

Andrew Norton has an amazing project called The Photographer Series which is a nice look into some of the best photographers in skateboarding and the stories behind some amazing photos. This one on Jonathan Mehring definitely reminded me that I need to get my ass out on the road for some exploration.

Dieter Rams on Need Supply


I think Need Supply does a great job of email marketing because when someone is providing interesting, non-sales-pitchy content it becomes a lot less spammy.

Here is a rad story on Dieter Rams that Need Supply emailed me last week.

Photo came from here.

Thomas Prior – Tultepec


Thomas Prior is probably one of my current favorite photographers the last few years or so. He always finds some unique topics to photograph and has a great eye to boot. This new project titled “Tultepec” covers the annual National Pyrotechnic Festival in Mexico. Amazing to say the least.

Click below to see a few more photos of the series.


Richard Gilligan – DIY


I am absolutely psyched on this photo series by Richard Gilligan. “DIY” is a four year long documentary photo series on do it yourself skateparks and skatespots throughout Europe and the US. The focus is on the adaptation of existing and abandoned terrain to fit the uses of skaters in a modern environment. Since some/most of these spots in the series also pertain to BMX, I felt this is definitely worth a post. Hope you guys dig it. Gilligan also has a book published with the entire series over at, which I'm definitely going to scoop up for my own collection.

Click below to check out a few more from the series.


Richard Mosse : The Impossible Image

As if Richard Mosse’s documentary photo series “Infra” wasn’t amazing enough, he now has a new film premiering called “The Enclave”. Both of these projects are based on documenting the seamlessly endless state of war in the Congo using Kodak Aerochrome Infrared film, which is an out of production military grade infrared film that was used for reconaissance. “Infra” is visually stunning to look at and I can only hope for a chance to view “The Enclave” in person sometime in the future. Simply amazing!


brooklyn street art, bkstreetart, instagram

BKSTREETART is one of my favorite accounts to follow on the ‘ol Instagram. The name says it all; street art in Brooklyn (and surrounding areas sometimes). Give them a FOLLOW if you’re into that sort of thing.

Flashback Friday: Artist Q&A’s

andrew holder, mark weaver, jon contino, frank chimero, wilmer murillo, grotesk, art, defgrip, interviews

Over the years, we’ve gotten our hands on some great artists and accumulated some interesting Q&A’s. I am a fan of all these dudes, which is why I reached out to them in the first place. These guys are still doing great stuff and you should recognize some of these names by now if you follow the art world. If not, click below to check out the interviews. They are are all worth revisiting.

Andrew Holder

Mark Weaver

Jon Contino

Frank Chimero

Wilmer Murillo


Zines, Zines, Zines.

zines, bmx, union press, yo sick, the pandect, DBZ

Lot”s of creative and interesting people from the BMX-osphere often send their zines my way. It”s a nice gesture and it”s always cool to flip through these things and get a glimpse into certain scenes or a particular persons thoughts, ramblings, doodles etc… These things are generally labors of love and you can tell.

Below are some zines that I”ve gotten recently, and not so recently. I would easily recommend checking any of these out, should you be into this sort of thing. Any support for these projects is always appreciated I”m sure.

Union Press – More of a newspaper than a zine, but falls in line with the category. Well done and large posters to be had.

– From the mind of DBZ. The description on his site says it all. Interesting reads and visuals.

Yo Sick – From Prashant Gopal. Full of photos, illustrations and plenty of stuff to keep your eyeballs occupied.

The Pandect – From Cory Beal. Cool interviews, photos and nice layout.

We posted on Adam Roye”s goodies previously, and check out Ryan Connelly”s ICE COLD (which can be viewed online).

Thanks dudes!


Hey Zeus Publishing

Holy Trinity Button

Satirical? Yes. Enigmatic? Certainly. Hilarious? Always. Keep an eye on the Hey Zeus blog for constant entertainment and hit up their web store to get your hands on goods like the amazing Holy Trinity button shown above along with some other goods–a couple of my favorites are featured after the jump.