The Bushwick Collective

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Stoked on this new collaboration wall that just wrapped up in Brooklyn. Features Nychos, Buffmonster, Tristan Eaton and a bunch of other dudes from all over.

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Extra Screws


If you are in the New York area this friday August 16th, you should check out this art show benefit for the Mullaly Skatepark. Check out all the info above!


On My Desktop


Here we go again… A bunch of random stuff that has caught my eye over the past few weeks. A bit more abstract this time, but I've been on a weird digital grime/distress kick lately. I guess it's because I've been working on some more abstract editing recently. Don't worry though, if you make it to the end there some of the usual interiors and car photos. Enjoy!


Everybody Street Trailer

This new documentary on street photography in NYC looks to be one not to miss. Some great great artists in here….and I can’t wait to hear their stories and viewpoints on what street photography means to them.

“It’s like it’s from another planet”

Another great video from Petrolicious, this time on the legendary Lancia Stratos. I would love to see one of the new Lancia’s in person one day…they look amazing as well!

The Photographer Series: Jonathan Mehring

The Photographer Series: Jonathan Mehring from Andrew Norton on Vimeo.

Andrew Norton has an amazing project called The Photographer Series which is a nice look into some of the best photographers in skateboarding and the stories behind some amazing photos. This one on Jonathan Mehring definitely reminded me that I need to get my ass out on the road for some exploration.

Dieter Rams on Need Supply


I think Need Supply does a great job of email marketing because when someone is providing interesting, non-sales-pitchy content it becomes a lot less spammy.

Here is a rad story on Dieter Rams that Need Supply emailed me last week.

Photo came from here.

Thomas Prior – Tultepec


Thomas Prior is probably one of my current favorite photographers the last few years or so. He always finds some unique topics to photograph and has a great eye to boot. This new project titled “Tultepec” covers the annual National Pyrotechnic Festival in Mexico. Amazing to say the least.

Click below to see a few more photos of the series.


Richard Gilligan – DIY


I am absolutely psyched on this photo series by Richard Gilligan. “DIY” is a four year long documentary photo series on do it yourself skateparks and skatespots throughout Europe and the US. The focus is on the adaptation of existing and abandoned terrain to fit the uses of skaters in a modern environment. Since some/most of these spots in the series also pertain to BMX, I felt this is definitely worth a post. Hope you guys dig it. Gilligan also has a book published with the entire series over at, which I'm definitely going to scoop up for my own collection.

Click below to check out a few more from the series.