Rose Iron Works

Rose Iron Works is a family-owned business that has been around over 100 years that creates quality decorative metalwork.

On The Map did a series of videos showcasing various companies in Cleveland that take pride in craft of products and services.

Hello 2014….


From Groteskito. Follow him on Instagram

Skavenger x Chocolate truck frame promo

The Fresh Prince intro is too good on this. This crew has not slowed down a bit since the recent release of their DVD. It is a must see.

Alec Soth on photographing “The Cloud”

Nice little piece about Alec Soth’s, Silicone Valley project from the SFMOMA site. Interesting to hear his take on the project and photographing something that doesn’t have a physical form like “The Cloud”.

River City Leather

Entrepreneur Aaron Buckley talks about why he loves making River City Leather products by hand in Ohio.

Drawing of the Day: Chris Piascik

chris piascik, defgrip

Not sure what took so long for this to happen, but Chris Piascik will be taking over our Photo of the Day for a month, but with a daily drawing of his. Should be fun! Keep an eye on the sidebar.

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Stephen Kenn’s Encounter Collection video

The Encounter Collection from Process Creative on Vimeo.

You’ll cry.



I recently came across Printstagram online, poked around and was intrigued enough to get a poster made of my Instagram pics. The final product looked great!

With Printstagram, you can turn your personal IG pics into posters, stickers, framed prints and bunch of other shit. Once you know what you want, the site logs straight into your Instagram account and you simply choose what pics you want…. bada bing, bada boom nawmsayin. Easy.

So… if you wanna do more with your Instagram pics, check out Printstagram. Tell ’em Nuno sent ya. Don’t tell ’em that, they don’t know me.

Forever Bicycles


Chinese Contemporary artist, Ai Weiwei, has a sick installation up in Toronto called “Forever Bicycles,” which conists of about 3,000 bicycles installed together to create this behemoth sculpture. This thing looks massive and epic; if you are in Toronto definitely go scope this it out! Found this over at Huh, which is a good source for some time wasting…obviously after you waste time here first.