This is my graduate project in ‘Graphic Design’ at the HIT college in Israel.
My thesis is that nothing is original, therefore, none of the materials presented in the project were made by me.
All of the 469 photos used in this video were taken out of Google’s image bank.

Guy Trefler

The Harrison Boyce Alternative


Alternative has teamed up with Defgip’s very own Harrison Boyce to create a capsule of Organic Pima Cotton T-shirts featuring Harrison’s photography.

If you’re in NYC this Thursday 6/19, come by the shop and have a drink with us to celebrate, and see some more of Harrison’s work.

If you’re elsewhere in the world, check this conversation with Harrison about the capsule.

Eddie O’Keefe

Kristen Blood_905

I had a friend send me a link to Eddie’s site recently, and I was really digging his photo work. I had seen some images floating around tumblr, so some looked pretty familiar to me…but there were a lot more gems to be seen. Looking at his site it seems he dabbles in some video and more….go give it a look!

Also speaking of tumblr give the defgrip tumblr a follow!

Click through to see some of my personal favs off Eddie’s site.


Cry Havok Cry by Nicholas Maggio

CRY HAVOC CRY from Nicholas Maggio on Vimeo.

I recommend starting your day with the above short film by our friend Nicholas Maggio. It’s 2.5 minutes long and mixes romance, crime, and the world’s fastest 4-door sedan (in 1985) together very nicely.

A House for a Photographer


Designed by Hyde+Hyde Architects, this house was conceived by the firm for a “well known” photographer to be built in Wales, in a quarry at Pontypridd. The whole house is designed like a camera obscura, collecting light and focusing on distant views through the large floor to ceiling front window. Pretty wild….oh and the DeLorean is a nice touch as well.

Check out some more images after the jump.


The Ark by Antivj

Projected light artist collective Antivj have a great new installation up in Oaxaca, Mexico. The site specific installation uses the cacti that line the center of the Ethnobotanical Garden of Oaxaca as a canvas for their projections. Check out some images after the jump.


Design Manifesto

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 12.07.46 PM

Recently I was asked to write a design manifesto. Usually, we are not asked what principles we believe in. We’re just expected to do it. Manifesto Project is a site I was introduced to that is supposed help get some gears turning.

Bruce Mau’s manifesto is one in particular that stuck out.

Interview: Caesy Oney of Draught Dry Goods


Back when I had zero jobs, I looked up to guys who had multiple jobs. Guys who did things they didn’t have to do because they wanted to take things a step further. First it was BMXers like Brian Castillo who worked a design job and rode bikes for fun, even though he rode at a pro level and got paid for it. In ’97 I found Dyrdek fascinating because he was so into investing, music and entrepreneurship outside of skateboarding. Then it was rappers who also sold drugs, then James Franco acting in multiple movies while writing, making art and going to school full time; then Alexander Wang Creative Directing Balenciaga while running his own brand.

Caesy Oney is one such busy person. He’s got a dream job at Nike and owns his own brands, Draught Dry Goods and Odd Fellow Company. Through hard work and relentless curiosity, he’s put himself in a position of freedom to create as he pleases without compromise, surrounding himself with the people and things that make him happy.

I asked him what compelled him into this position, and he said “It’s important for me to be always working from an uncomfortable place creatively, and to hold myself to high standards. Complacent designers are boring and lazy.”

Below are a lot more questions and answers with Caesy, and photos of the beautiful products he creates.


Justin Angelos


Any fans of collage work out there should give Justin Angelos stuff a look.