Orchid Footwear’s new video FOOTWORK is now available. Pick the DVD up for $10 and you’ll witness a slew of great riding, g00d times, hot babes, and of course more high jinks like in the trailer above.

CLAMS CASINO — Instrumental Mixtape

12 BEATS BY THE GENIUS PRODUCER OF LIL B’S “I’M GOD”, “I’M THE DEVIL”, “MOTIVATION”, AND “REALEST ALIVE”. Hailing from New Jersey Clammy Clams dropped his free instrumental mixtape to the cyber world a few days ago and honestly I’ve listened to nothing else since. Even if ‘rap’ isn’t something you care about… musically… these are all really compelling pieces of work that should be given some thought.


For full effect light a j, download this shit, slap it on your pod, and ride your bike better than ever before.


Putty Hill

Shot over the span of only 12 days, Putty Hill centers around friends mourning the death of a loved one.

A Look Back At The 00s: ‘Glo-fi’ And The Sadness Of The Advertised Man

Kev Kharas looks back at a decade where the internet destroyed our channels of discovery, and allowed the rise of glo-fi. (Article via The Quietus)

Cloud Nothings


Cloud Nothings is a band from Cleveland Ohio to watch. Someone should use their songs in a bmx video. Here have two songs to try: Hey Cool Kid or Real Thing.

Alexander Binder


Alexander Binder recently returned from Iceland and put up two new series on his website. Introducing Traum I and Traum II.

Mix – Midnight Energy


I’m always looking for music to work/ride to and my friend James just finished this great mix. Download it here. Tracklist below…


Summer Disco Mix


My friend recently made a mix that I find perfect for the ipod and a riding session. Download it here. Tracklist below.


Getting Weird Mix Volume II


We (myself and Travis Stearns) were recently asked to do a mix/podcast for Damien Correll’s mix series, Heard & Not Seen. I’m sharing an advanced copy below for the people that are interested. Thank you!