Working in Sanctuary

A good mix is the perfect companion to the long work day, which makes a good mix catalogue very valuable. One such good resource is Montreal-based music blog Music is My Sanctuary. With a ton of good guest mixes new and old ranging from jazz to electronic and hip hop, plus fairly regular original mixes by the founder Lexis, there’s plenty to pick from in the archives. Add random interesting stuff (like the Feats per Minute bike above) and you have a music blog worth checking out.

Tom Dugan – Etnies Full Throttle


Its Just Plain Stupid To Pay Too Much

A little dark humor for your weekend – seven commercials by the brilliant Swedish director Roy Andersson.

Steve McCurry Updates

Documentary photographer Steve McCurry, best known for his portrait of the Afghan Girl, has been keeping a blog and in a very welcome move recently increased the size of the pictures he posts. Although more recognized for his portraits, McCurry also has some incredibly sobering war photography work on there – showing both the best and worst in humanity all over the world. Incredibly strong work, and if you are into photography this a must-follow by one of the legends of our time. Check the blog out here, and hit the jump for an Al Jazeera interview with McCurry.


Lightroom 4

By this point, Lightroom has become a piece of software that many photographers absolutely cannot live without. Yesterday Adobe dropped Lightroom 4 featuring image processing improvements, automated filters, a map function, and even integration with Blurb which looks pretty damn useful if it works well.

Another nice thing – they’ve dropped the price. $149 for the full deal and $79 if you’re upgrading from Lightroom 3 or if you’re a student. Check it out here.

Prins Thomas Live @ Sur Bar Kagoshima

Recently been listening to this six-hour (!) DJ set by Prins Thomas recorded at Sur Bar in Kagoshima, Japan.

It seems it was first released in 2007, possibly on this thread?

“just got these recordings back from japan…
recorded at a tiny little bar but with an amazing soundsystem and a crowd of 50 people at the most…
questionable mixing, skipping needles : O
but hopefully something there to tickle your fancy”

Download after the jump.


Spliff-Triggered Photography

NYC-based photographer and director Timothy Saccenti of Stem has a really interesting article up on PDN explaining how he got the above shot of trip hop artist Tricky. Saccenti’s shots always look really crazy, and usually I assume it’s some post-production madness, but as it turns out the above shot was only colour graded. Really clever use of technology to get a brilliant result. Check out the PDN article here, and to see the rest of the Tricky series, check out Saccenti’s website here.

Benji B – Deviation String Quartet

In October, Red Bull turned the London Eye into a big, spinning club, and filled each pod with a musical act. Benji B was handed a pod and this is the outcome – a unique collaboration with the Deviation String Quartet, all recorded in HD. Strings are expertly arranged over tracks by the likes of Roy Davis Jr. and Lil Wayne to produce a result that sounds pretty amazing. Have been playing this on repeat for days and I think some of you might like this too.

The set’s an hour long so I recommend loading it up on a separate window if you want to let it play uninterrupted.

Internet Infinity

Into Infinity is an art and music exhibition by Dublab and Creative Commons which combines audio loops and “visual circles.” Since 2008 the exhibitions have taken place in Japan, but earlier this year they released a digital exhibition and the result is excellent. Audio loops are randomly paired with 12″ vinyl-cover sized pieces of art, and the website is a basic affair with no flash to be seen. They also make good on their cc promise as you can not only download the music and art, but a full mirror of the site if you wish.

If you are really into this project and have eight minutes to spare, check out a comprehensive, rather bizarre mini-‘documentary’ by Creative Commons Japan after the jump.