Tony Hamlin’s 2014 Kink Video

Big moves, loud tunes, and one of the funniest/wildest backflip bails I’ve ever seen. Watch now.

Odyssey in Chicago!

I just so happened to be out of town each and every day these guys were in Chicago last month, so I’ve been eagerly anticipating seeing what happened while this crew was in town. As expected, the crew laid waste to a lot of staple Chicago spots and it looks like the Let’s Roast Cycles shop stop was a good time (with some gross rock, paper, scissors action happening out front). Press play and see the action above!

The Gonz Cruising BMX in NYC

Did you know that The Gonz rides a Sunday cruiser spot to spot to skate New York City? Me either. Press play on the video above and take a look at one of skateboarding’s pioneers launching off garbage piles, doing skids, and bunnyhopping off curbs, all with a skateboard stuck to his bars.

Animal’s QSS 6 Ratman Promo

Two good things in one: 15 quick seconds of Mark Gralla footage and news that Animal’s QSS 6 is out soon.

Jeff Zielinski’s Best of 2013 Photo Gallery

Jeff Zielinski's Best of 2013 Photo Gallery

The West Coast BMX photo don just dropped a massive gallery of his favorite shots from 2013. Check a few of my personal favorites below and make your way over to the Ride website to view the full thing.


Son could probably make you any origami animal you ask him to namsayin

Son could probably make you any origami animal you ask him to namsayin

Ghostface Killah shits on mainstream rap in part two of his 2013 “Top Ten Softest Rappers in the Game” series:

“When he aint startin pillow fights on tour n pollinatin flowers n shit son stays spittin wit that tenderized Stephen Hawking voice… Son could probably make you any origami animal you ask him to namsayin”

And that”s just a fraction of it. Pure comedic gold….

New York Times: Behind Kanye’s Mask

New York Times: Behind Kanye's Mask

Say what you will about his antics, but Kanye West is one of the most captivating people in American society today–and his new New York Times interview has already lit the internet world afire. There are countless page view hungry websites putting up “Kanye’s [insert number here] Most Stupid/Hilarious/Awesome Quotes” articles stemming from the article and it even sparked a discussion when I crossed paths with Harrison Boyce late yesterday. The article ranges from topics such as the process of designing and making music and really digs deep into the people/influences that made the polarizing figure who he is today–get to the NYT website and check it out.

Smooth Jams: Funkadelic

If you're in need of a good after work/after school/end of the day jam to zone out to and relax, press play on this Funkadelic jam above…too smooth.


The 2013 Mac Pro

2013 Mac Pro

After Nuno’s reference to the “good ol’ days” yesterday and all the crazy new stuff Apple announced today, I figured time was ripe to post about the new Mac Pros that Apple showed off yesterday. Professionals have been asking/whining/paining for a significant update to the Mac Pro line for years and some even feared that the “dumbing down” of professional applications like Final Cut Pro were a move by the company away from their professional users to focus on their staggeringly large audience. Today, that all changed with a completely revamped Mac Pro being previewed at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference. The shape is (obviously) the first significant difference and the size isn’t necessarily apparent, but is extremely significant. While the traditional Mac Pro is a monolith of a tower, the 2013 model is about nine inches tall and six inches in diameter–a huge reduction in size from the old Mac. The cylindrical and compact shape also allows for a unique single fan operation to keep the machine cool–all air is brought through the vents at the bottom and pulled through the machine and out the top. It’s been a few years since I’ve geeked out on an Apple product but such a radical, progressive and fresh design like this one from Apple certainly turned my head. While I don’t necessarily see this machine in my future, maybe ten years from now I’ll be able to afford a used, first generation 2013 Mac Pro, haha.

Check out Apple’s preview of the new Mac Pro on their website–it really digs deep and shows how the thing is designed internally and the user interface and way the whole preview flows together is pretty sweet too.