Preview: Case Issue 7

Click be low for a preview of Case 7, which features Phil Aller on the cover.


Preview: Case Issue 5

Our designer Louis was screen printing some of his personal work and decided to see how the cover image looked. We were all into how it turned out so quite literally thought ‘fuck it’ We’ll run a screen printed front cover.

Netley sent through a preview of the next Case mag, which is out this weekend in the UK, and mid next week here in the states. Our boy Ardelean gets some love in this one…nice!

There is also a flyer for a jam they are putting on in Leeds.

Click below for it all.


Preview: Case Issue 4

Mike Netley sent over this preview of issue 4.

This issue is available now from their web store, and issue 3 is available as a download on their SITE.


Mike Netley has just put together a new zine under the Case brand, and was kind enough to send over a little sneak peek of it. If you’re not familiar with Case, click HERE for more on the previous issues.

According to Mike:

This new zine features photos from the past 4 years. From chilled sessions at the trails, to road trips through France and the USA and everything in-between. I might add there’s no words in this zine, minus photo captions.

Click below for a sneak peak inside the issue, then head HERE to grab the full deal (free shipping in the UK). You can also swoop a copy from the Source in Hastings and The Central Library. Also, should any shops want to stock this, then shoot Mike an email at for info.


Endless Mag / Issue 1 Cover

endless bmx mag, issue 1, bmx

The first issue of Endless is out now, featuring Alex Donnachie on the cover. Go HERE to get your hands on one with a tee. Warning, a bit pricey if you’re in the States (understandably).

Read our Q&A with Eisa in case you missed it.

Preview: Case #6

Netley sent over a preview of  Case #6. Click below to check it out.


Preview: Case #3

Mike Netley sent through a preview of the 3rd issue of Case, with Scott Malyon on the cover. You can expect a bunch of interesting articles from all over, and best of all, it’s free!

The mag hits the UK this Thursday and in the USA the following Friday.

Click below to view some spreads, and click on them to enlarge.


Preview: Case #2

Mike Netley sent through a preview of the next Case Magazine, click below to check it out.

Also, be sure to keep an eye on the site for some new soft goods in the near future.


Sneak Peek: Case BMX Magazine

Case bmx magazine

Mike Netley sent through a sneak peek of the new magazine he has been working on, which is called Case BMX. Case will be a print publication based out of England, but will feature content from all over.

The mag should be available soon and hopefully it measures up as a whole so it can stick around for a while. Keep an eye on the Case site for more info.

Click below to check out some of the mag. You can enlarge the images by clicking on them.



In the span of a few short years, print magazine The Albion gave us a lot of material to chew on. We caught up with editor Daniel Benson to look back on it all.

Click below for the Q&A with Daniel, and be sure to check out some back issues RIGHT HERE.


Q&A: Chris Rye / GO FAST PULL UP

The Jimmy Levan documentary, entitled GO FAST PULL UP, is available now and you should definitely do your best to see it and/or own it. Even more so if you came up being stoked on Jimmy Levan’s riding and persona.

After watching the doc, I wanted to hit Chris Rye (who directed/edited GFPU) with some questions about the project. This is a solid read for sure with PLENTY of info and stories. Click below.


Q&A: Chris Hallman / Tread Magazine

tread magazine, chris hallman, defgrip,

It’s very possible that many of you reading this have never heard of Tread Magazine, let alone seen one. But during the mid 90’s, this magazine had a very cult-like following and was very sought after (at least to me and people I knew on the East Coast). It was kind of underground, kind of not, tied to the influential Props era and all around just awesome and interesting. I think it would be fair to liken Tread to the Albion for comparison. Tread only lasted 4 issues, but those issues were enough for it to have a lasting effect on riders from that era.

Inspired by a recent Instagram post, I decided to track down Chris Hallman and ask him some questions about the mag. Click below to read it all.

Shoutout to Chris Hallman and a big thanks to Chris Rye for supplying the images.


Q&A: Stew Johnson / Holy Fit

holy fit, fit bikes. video

HOLY FIT is upon us. 3 years in the making, head up by Stew Johnson and loaded with FIT’s cast of shredders and legends. Buy this video.

As always, Stew Johnson was kind enough to take some questions from me, so click below to read what he has to say about HOLY FIT. He also whipped up a new trailer to go aong with this.

Click below for Q&A and trailer.


Farewell Albion

If you recall this announcement and then the long stretch of innactivity that followed, you could probably guess that the Albion was no more. That is officially the case now.

From The Albion crew:
Somethings are not meant to last forever. Thanks for the support whilst we were here, we are sunk, at the bottom, wrecked, broke, in debt, bust. I’d like to say we gave it our all but we did not, not by a long shot, we gave what we were prepared to give and sometimes thats just not enough. There are no survivors. Pour over our remnants in years to come and revisit your memories of what we represented to you, maybe one day you’ll turn again the pages of time and remember us, 17 issues, thats enough, time to die. The Albion is dead. Ride on kids… its a new day tomorrow, live it… “Till the wheels come off”…

Damn shame… but like the statement says, somethings are not meant to last forever. The Albion gave us unique (sometimes controversial) content to sink our teeth into along with a nicely designed layout and standout/collectible covers (which Defgrip had the honor of sharing with the world first online). A big issue with the magazine was actually getting your hands on one, luckily back issues are online for eyeballing. I’ve hoarded my issues and plan to hang on to them for a long time.

Above is the video that accompanied one of my favorite articles from the Albion, which was the “Live Free or Die” feature on Clint Reynolds and crew from issue 9. Watch it then search out the issue.

Thanks for everything.

Q&A: Will Smyth Discusses DIG’s New Direction

Dig site 2

DIG BMX as you have come to know it is changing. How? Well, after 21 years the actual print magazine has ceased to exist and all energy is being redirected online. This new direction may or may not come as a surprise these days, but it is surely a welcome change.

I have always been a huge fan of DIG and I’ve got my fingers crossed that they can continue doing what they do in digital form. With that said, there is a new site and new staff in place to tackle such changes. As always, I threw Will Smyth (DIG’s editor) some questions about it all. Continue reading and stay tuned to DIG BMX.