Documentary: Carson Leh

Carson Leh has been making custom leather bicycle seats and cycling accessories for 4 years. He started in 2010 recovering torn BMX saddles and in 2013 he founded Leh Seats. He not only manufactures leather bike saddles and handlebar tape, but has recently branched out with new leather goods such as Macbook cases. He produces small production run leather goods for contract in the USA.

Filmer Brian Chace visited his Austin based workshop this winter to speak with him about his work and inspiration. This short film shows the process of one of his custom made BMX seats. Each BMX seat is guaranteed for life against tears.

You can find Carson at or on Instagram at @lehseats.

Shoutout to Brian and Carson for letting us premier this.

Carson Leh Custom Seats

Carson Leh, who’s custom leather seats we posted about a few months back, has been staying busy and has setup an Esty store to sell his custom seats. Check out his store here and keep reading to see a few more photos.


Carson Leh Custom Seat

Carson Leh has been working on some custom leather seats. He sent over some photos of his most recent seat along with info about his process. Keep reading to check it out!


Carson Leh @ Random


Carson Leh @ Random


Alden Seats

Carson Leh has been making custom leather seats for the past year or so and has been getting a great response since we first posted about them over a year ago. He has recently setup a Kickstarter page to help raise funds to step up his production and do a full run of seats that he will be able to sell at a lower cost! Check out his Kickstarter page here and make sure to donate! Even $1 can really help out!

Joe Pennell @ Random


Photogallery: Refresh

We are excited to show a nice selection of photos from Carson Leh and Sean Sweeney that were taken during the filming of Brian Chace’s new video Refresh. ¬†Carson and Sean are both good friends with Brian and everyone in the video. With so many spots in the North West and so many great riders in the video, it wasn’t hard for them to capture some amazing shots and document the tricks that went down during the filming. Refresh will premier this week at a bunch of spots in the North West (click for the details)¬†and will be available on DVD soon!



Bike EXIF Classic Motorcycle blog

Carson Leh hooked us up with a rad link to a motorcycle blog, Bike EXIF, over the weekend. The site has some amazing photos and even though I don’t know much about motorcycles I’m really stoked on all the bikes as well as the quality of the photos. Thanks Carson!

Check out some bikes afer the jump – READ MORE

Q&A: Chris Hallman / Tread Magazine

tread magazine, chris hallman, defgrip,

It’s very possible that many of you reading this have never heard of Tread Magazine, let alone seen one. But during the mid 90’s, this magazine had a very cult-like following and was very sought after (at least to me and people I knew on the East Coast). It was kind of underground, kind of not, tied to the influential Props era and all around just awesome and interesting. I think it would be fair to liken Tread to the Albion for comparison. Tread only lasted 4 issues, but those issues were enough for it to have a lasting effect on riders from that era.

Inspired by a recent Instagram post, I decided to track down Chris Hallman and ask him some questions about the mag. Click below to read it all.

Shoutout to Chris Hallman and a big thanks to Chris Rye for supplying the images.


Will Stroud’s Favorite Video Parts

walter pieringer pic

Will Stroud has been putting in work behind a video camera for many years now. He’s a staple in our scene and an absolute professional. I know because I’ve dealt with him first hand. He even provided me with direct links to each video part for this feature for crying out loud. Professional.

Anyway, instead of picking Will’s brain about video cameras and videography, I decided to find out what some of his all time favorite BMX videos & video parts are from a fan/viewer standpoint.

Click below to check that out.


Interview: Brian Tunney

Happy New Year everyone! I know it’s the second, but whatever…

We’re happy to bring you our first interview of 2011, with our first victim being Brian Tunney. As you may or may not know, Tunney has been involved in many aspects of the BMX industry. From rider to blogger, Tunney’s been there. So to kick off the year, I asked Brian a little about all these things. Tunney’s awesome.

Click below to read the interview.