We caught up with Nate Richter to discuss all things Golden Days, his shop in Long Beach, CA.

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What’s up, Nate! How are ya?

I’m just at the shop right now editing a video “vlog”, ordering product for the store and this Q&A, which is dope thank you for doing this. Been a fan of Defgrip for a minute, never knew you ran it Nuno, that’s sick!

Golden Days has been up and running for a little bit now, how has the journey been so far?

We coming up on 8 months now, it’s been cool. Learned a lot so far and I’m excited to grow and learn more in the future and grow this thing and BMX.

Seeing as Golden Days is your first jump into a retail business, what are some things you’ve learned along the way?

I worked at OSS for about 4 years so I knew how things would kinda be, but I’ve learned people treat you a little different when you’re the owner in so many ways. It can be from the simplest of “Hey why is this product $5 but the other store has it for $4.99” to “your employee changed my tube last week and I got a flat today, can I get a free tube since you gave me a bad one?”, and people from the city trying to join Community groups etc.. I love this shit and I knew how things would be, you just gotta smile and enjoy it.

What is something you’ve learned the hard way?

Taxes is a son of a bitch.
How do you determine what you stock? Is it product you’re into, or product that you think people will buy even if you’re not into it?

I’m a small shop right now, so I get product and brands that I know kids, riders and customers respect and talk about. When a customer wants something like a frame, I have them ask me and I’ll get it. I try and be fully stocked up on tires, grips, pedals etc… stuff that gets used a lot and replaced a lot. My goal is to have a shit load of complete bikes like Phu from Epic. But again we’re only 8 months old so we will grow into a real bike shop, we’re more of a boutique style right now.

How has the transition from rider to shop owner been? How do you balance the two?

I’ve never really been a full time rider. I was always working multiple jobs like doing videos for TCU, my own channel, worked at OSS and rode, so I’m used to being busy. I don’t really ever get to ride. I only ride like 1 or 2 times a week or I ride after 8 pm after we close shop. I’m enjoying it all man, I’m very grateful to be where I’m at right now. I came from sleeping on couches, in cars, in laundry rooms to where I am at now! Just as broke, lol, but at least we have something in the scene to show and grow BMX. All I want to do is grow this thing organically and take dudes I love and fuck with on trips and have fun times.

You’re now riding whatever parts you want. Was it ever a concern that the shop could have a positive or negative effect with your sponsors?  

I just quit the brands I was riding for to focus on growing the Golden Days brand, and also promoting all the brands we carry at the shop.

Long Beach always seems to have a good scene so its good that you’re in the community. In addition to selling bike parts, you’ve had photo shows at your shop, we premiered the Odyssey At Ease video there, you have the ramp etc..  seems like you were pretty well supported from the beginning yeah?

That was such a fun time thank you guys again for coming out, and I can’t thank the locals, riders, customers , everyone who follows or checks us out.

Who are some of the locals that pop in often?

Jeff Wescott, Emores, Vell, Fhawk, Markell, Speedy, Boss, the list goes on. I can’t wait for this Covid to end so we can get these jams, parties and events going again.

Every shop has that classic customer who pops in all the time to chill or drive you crazy. Who’s yours?

Lol, luckily all the people that come in to hang out I love it. I love having people around. There are sometimes when we have events when tweakers come in that we have to kick out. But that’s expected in this area.

Have you seen any effect from this Covid-19 situation, if so, how are you adjusting?

It’s so weird, but people want to buy complete bikes and are tuning up their 15 year old bike that they haven’t touched in years.

Give us a funny shop related story.

Tom Villarreal went through the ceiling. Max Vu went through the walls 3 times. Jeff Wescott went through the other side of the wall, haha. The list goes on. Many more to come I’m sure of it.

What’s next for Golden Days?

Well we were suppose to do a team trip to Denver, but that got shut down – thanks virus! But as of now just focus on growing, making more Golden days product, and try and stay afloat.

Thanks Nate. Anything to add before we wrap this up?

Thanks to all the riders, customers, the team, Phu from epic, Adam22, Alfredo Mancuso, Greal, Nuno for this, all the brands that are involved with the store and anybody that loves BMX. Till next time.

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