Cult’s latest video Knock ‘Em Down is now live. Click below to watch it, grab a Q&A with Robbie Morales about it and peep some flicks courtesy of Germs Gutierrez, Chris Mortenson & Javee.


Knock ’em Down. Origin story of the title?

We went to the Phoenix Supercross like the second day in and things got spicy with some drunk dude. We got out of there alive and later that night Javee and Lil Jon were chopping it up and it came naturally, Knocking down clips, Knocking down beers and Knocking down mf’ers…

Why Arizona?

Best winter weather, close to Cali, amazing spots, parks, homies and scene.

Did the riders go out in “shifts”? How did you split up everyone’s time there?

Definitely. We would go by weeks, alternating terrain but everyone wound up riding everything, I mean Begin does a handplant in a pool. That’s the best part of riding with the homies, just hit shit and have fun, see what ya get.

Who stacked the most?

Hard to tell. I’m blown away how evenly everyone shines, they each have their own flavor and rode hard every day. Plus they deliver and what ya want to see, the classics are in there.

Did  Veesh act as filmer and TM the whole time?

Yea, I popped in and out a couple of times but he did the full bid. Filming a full length in this short of time was a challenge, but everyone stepped up and got er done.

Any tempers flare up during the 28 days?

Nah vibes were light, maybe the usual trick/spot battle here or there but having the airbnb saved us. The crew was able to hang, talk shit and recharge.

How much did the airbnb run you for the month?

Right under 4k, the place was nice and in a chill location.

Considering you got a full length project out of 28 days, is there still a need to spend 2 years on a video these days?

Shit the way the world is nothings guaranteed, so for us we would rather be out riding, creating and living in the now as much as possible.

I assume this was a lucky last hurrah before Coronavirus, huh?

Yeah we were home for a bit and then it started.

Thanks Robbie. Anything to add before we wrap this?

Now more than ever we gotta support each other as a community, shit is real. I know everyone is different but we have BMX in common. So if we can ride, catch a vibe and live this BMX life together. We have that and that’s a lot more than most. That’s exactly what we did for 28 days in AZ.

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