What are some albums that Dakota Roche turns to when he’s out driving, traveling, riding, chilling or trying to get fired up? Click below to find out, along with some words about each.


Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

As cliche as it is, Pink Floyd is my favorite band without a doubt. I’ve loved their sound for over 20 years and it just really doesn’t get old to me. When the video “Nowhere Fast” came out, it just solidified it for me. BMX and Floyd are a match made in heaven. I couldn’t decide on which Floyd albums would make this list because I’ve had “Meddle”, “Obscured by Clouds”, “Animals”, “Dark Side of the Moon” and “Wish You Were Here” on very heavy repeat for years and years. “WYWH” is an absolute work of art, and perfect for long travel days. It’s got a mellow-ish sound, but it’s also very motivating at the same time, for instance: I listen to it on repeat when I’m trying to fall asleep on a plane, but I also jam on it to draw and it seems to inspire creativity. I feel like it’s kind of a hypnotic melody all the way through if that makes any sense. The last song on the album “Shine on You Crazy Diamond (part 6-9)” really takes me to a different place, haha.

Ultimate Spinach – Behold and See

So I gotta give a shout out to the Fiend dudes for really putting myself and most of BMX onto this band. The first promo they did was unreal and the song “Visions of Your Reality” really was a perfect fit. I love this album for travel days for the same reason I love “WYWH”: mellow and inspiring at the same time. Sometimes psychedelic stuff is too out there for me, but this one works, and it works well.


Gene Clark – No Other

I found out about Gene Clark while jamming on some Spotify radio station like 3 years ago. I’m pretty sure the song “Strength of Strings” was the one that came up and I was instantly hooked. I listened to the whole album soon after and vibed hard with pretty much every song on it. I was working on my Cult part “Native Land 3” at the time, and ended up riding to “Strength of Strings” in it. I was really stoked how the song worked for the part and continue to listen to this album weekly, even daily. The song “Some Misunderstanding” has become probably one of my favorite songs of all time.

Pink Floyd – Dark Side of The Moon

I don’t even know where to start on this album, other than it’s been pretty much my favorite one for 20+ years. “DSOTM” has so many sound changes throughout, highs and lows and everything in between, it really sparks creativity for me and helps me put it into my riding. The song “Us and Them” was what I was jamming in my headphones for a solid 5 years of contest riding and I think something about the melody really helped me tune in. “Brain Damage” and “Eclipse” make me wanna launch myself off roofs it gets me so stoked.


Townes Van Zandt – Our Mother the Mountain

Man, Townes really has one of the best, sincere, heartfelt voices in my opinion. This album in particular was my introduction into listening to him and it caught me off guard it was so good. I wasn’t aware of his impact in the “Old Country” music until I realized dudes like Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings covered some of his songs way back. This is definitely a go to chiller album for me, with “Our Mother the Mountain” and “St. John the Gambler” being highlights to me.

Leonard Cohen – New Skins for the Old Ceremony

This album is some straight musical poetry gold, perfect for chillin, sipping on a nice glass of red. Spanky skated to “Who by the Fire” in some old Baker vid and I remember being really intrigued by the song, but didn’t really give any of his other music a listen till years later. This is an album you can put on and not worry about skipping any songs, they all rule. Side note: I ended up riding to a Cohen song in the Cult video “It’s Later Than You Think” and I’m very glad I got the chance too.


Minor Threat – Out of Step

I’ll admit, I was pretty late to really giving Minor Threat a good listen, even though I’d heard people raving about them for years. I think it was about 5 years ago that I really started hitting this album hard and it really doesn’t get old. I’m not super knowledgeable in punk music, but I’ve had a hard time finding any bands in this genre that I like anywhere near as much. I just wish they put out more music in their time!

Misfits – Collection 2

Growing up as a skate/BMX rat, Misfits/Danzig/Samhain was in a bunch of the videos I loved. I’m so grateful for all the killer music BMX and skate videos have introduced me too, I still feel like a little kid when I here songs from parts that came out 20+ years ago. Misfits in particular, just gets better and better to me and continues to motivate me to ride more than ever.


Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Deja Vu

This is another “no skip” album, I truly love every song on it and how they all work together. Each of the four musicians are amazing on their own (Neil Young and Graham Nash in particular), but put em all together and you have magic. If I’m ever struggling to figure out what to listen to, this is, no doubt one of the best defaults.

Bob Dylan – Desire

Ever since the Square One video “Wide Awake Nightmare” came out in the early 2000’s and Wiz rode to “Hurricane”, it pretty much solidified my love for Bob Dylan’s music. It’s crazy how much a song from a video can really influence your taste in music heavily. Between “Hurricane”, “Isis” and “One More Cup of Coffee” this album has some absolute gems on it. Perfect for zig zagging through weird areas in search of new spots!

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