As Vans BMX global TM, Colin Mackay is no stranger to travel and being around rad people. Luckily he has a camera in tow. A quick look through his IG, and you can tell that Colin deserves some shine time for his pics.

With that said, we hit up Colin to see if he’d be down to share some of his favorite pics from along the way along with their backstory. He was down.

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Angie Marino, San Diego, NEX, January 2020

What I like about this photo is that the day before, Angie arrived in from a flight from Australia, that had a connection in Asia. I’ve done that flight, it takes like 2 days to get through. From landing in LA, Angie drove straight to Dennis’ ramp in San Diego to get a session in before dark. Didn’t even go home to unpack yet. We had a demo the next morning and Angie wanted to build her bike up and roll for a bit. The next day before noon, Angie was firing these tucks over the box out the front on the Navy Exchange in San Diego. All the little girls in the crowd were freaking out, it was so special to see that.

Boyd Hilder, Malaga, Spain Vans BMX Pro Cup, 2018

Boyd posted this recently and reminded me of it. When I saw Boyd do this the day before, I asked if he would be up for another one and I wanted to shoot from above using the drone. I used the sequence burst mode, but it got the frame I was after.

Chad Kerley, San Diego, March, 2020

I got to hang with Chad Kerley right before this virus took over. I see Chad at some events throughout the year, but it was good to spend some time in the streets with him catching up. I first met Chad when he was about 14 years old, it’s been really cool to see his career unfold throughout the years.

Dakota Roche, Malaysia, 2018

I knew Dak had to make it in this gallery and here’s one that came to mind. It’s from the Vans Dragon Tour. We started in freezing temps in South Korea and travelled south to the blistering hot Singapore and Malaysia. This was shot in Malaysia. Dak was the last man standing on this trip. We lost a few to injuries on this one and Dak limped across the line himself, but still rode every day until the sun set on the final day. What a weapon he is. Seriously.

Darryl Nau, Singapore 2019

This was a day off on the schedule but Darryl and about 10 of us went on a mission to ride a suspended bridge someone had heard about. It was way further than we thought. It took a couple hours to get there in 40c/ 104f weather. Darryl had a few Singapore dollars on him and had to shout the crew some fruit and a drink on the way, we all had cards, and they weren’t accepted. We were shot, but once we found the spot, we all came alive, especially with the threat of being kicked out of the spot being high. Everyone warned us that walked or rode past but we managed a solid session to where we were happy with the experience, and then began the mission back to the hotel. What a day!

Dennis Enarson, Medellin, Colombia 2020.

Dennis is working the part of all parts and Vans is backing it bigtime! While the majority of it is under wraps until completion, I wanted to tease you all with a celebration post clip at least.

We had to pay the security to ride this spot and Dennis took his time working in stages until he was ready to fire out the clip he was after. He got it first try after the feeler attempts. Most of the clips Dennis kind of has to pull it first go. He’s doing big shit. The biggest shit, for this video.

Dennis Enarson, Hawaii December, 2018

Before Dennis had even officially signed with Vans, I got to bring him on a trip to Hawaii with Vans. My wife couldn’t make the trip, and I asked if I could bring a friend in place, and Dennis was the one I chose. I wanted to get some photo and video of him to have up my sleeve for when he would be officially on the team. It was so cool going on a trip with just two people, we rode all the local parks and had a great trip. This photo was at the Milani park. It was so wet from morning rain so we went to a local shop and brought a broom to get the place running. We basically had it to ourselves all afternoon. Big Island rocked up for a session too.

Huntington Beach, 2019 during US Open/ RebelJam

I had permission from the HBPD to get the shot of the park I needed for our content. They gave me a window I was booked in for that was only 5-10 minutes max. While I was up there, I couldn’t help to notice the people on the beach and had to grab a pic of that.

Gary Young, Grand Cayman Island, 2019

Gary’s third trip to Cayman Island and he still came up with new moves at the mighty Black Pearl. Gary would begin each day snorkeling out the front of the beachfront AirBnB for a couple hours, He loved it!

Jason Watts, Williams Farm, VA 2029

Jason managed to get it together after a big night and got down in the biggest bowl he said he’s ever ridden. Jase comes to stay for a bit most years and we watched a few games of footy this week, that’s for sure.

Josh Dove Five Dock, Sydney Australia 2019

So good to see a young Aussie just erupt into the scene and basically go straight to the top. He attended each stop and made every final in his rookie year. Not bad for kid that was 16 at the time.

Kevin Peraza, Grand Cayman Island, 2019

Felt good to shoot Kevin in his signature Vans T and shoe this day. I hope Kevin gets another shoe down the track; he deserves it.

Lewis Mills, Medellin, Colombia 2020

I hit up Lewis to come on this trip and he didn’t hesitate for a second. We are sitting on the content from this trip but felt I could share this photo. Lewis went without his clothes bag for the first five days on the trip and we had to go to a Vans store to freshen him up. The Vans store employee had a Vans Dak hat on too, that was rad to see.

Matthias Dandois, NY, NY 2019

This was one of my favorite trips of 2019, spending time in NY is always fun and this time it was with Matthias, Enarson and Rich Forne. I’d met Rich before but this was our first trip together. It was a pleasure to shoot alongside him for the week. Rich is really dedicated to his job. He always arrives early on the trip to scout the scene, he wakes up early and writes notes preparing for the video he has to produce, and he’ll stay longer on the trip to ensure the rider is happy with the content. What a man. This bike toss was a still of the emotion that goes into filming, the stuff Matthias does is incredibly hard, and it shows! You have to appreciate the outcome, it’s not the hour or so he puts in on the day, it’s the 15 years of prep work to get that clip when it counts.

Matthias calls NY his second home these days and he loves it! We were staying right by Wall Street so we decided to dress Matthias up and shoot some stuff in not so typical BMX attire. With Matthias’ modeling career in full swing, he was a natural at handling this.

Perris Benegas, Vans Rebel Jam, Huntington Beach, 2019

Perris has so much power when she rides, it’s electrifying. When Perris heads at a hip or quarter with speed, get ready for it!

Santiago Laverde, Medellin, Colombia, 2020      

With a shaved head and camo bandana, he’s not as scary as he looks. He had a trail riding upbringing that made him the amazing rider he is today. He did so much for us in Colombia, he committed to us from arrival until departure and he made us laugh so much throughout the trip. He’s a good kid. With the Mirra R.I.P mural as my backdrop, I asked Santi to get some on the back quarter and he ripped this euro within a couple of feelers.

Sean Ricany, Huntington Beach, 2018

This T-Bog was shot for Vans one morning in HB before my Pro Cup duties and it ended up going on Vans store fixtures and window front displays all over the world. Definitely stoked to see it used as much as it was. I’ve known Sean for a long time, he’s grown up a bunch from the Lil Sean he once was.

Tyler Fernengel, San Diego, 2020

Tyler 2.0. He’s back after a short break and he’s in a really good head space right now. Sober, plant-based eating and only addicted to BMX. He rides daily now and he is ripping! Really stoked to spend a bit of time with him recently. Keep it going, Fern!

Dylan Lewis, Vans BMX Pro Cup Sydney, 2018

I’d seen video of Dylan 3’ing this mighty spine and I knew I needed to get a still of it. The time came during the finals of the Vans BMX Pro Cup at Five Dock. I’m positive I’ve posted it more than a couple times now but it’s just mesmerizing.

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