David Gravette. Pro skater, but also likes to hop on a bike. We hit him up to learn more about his BMX side.

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Photo – Shad Johnson / GOODS BMX

What’s up David? Thanks for chatting with us. How are you doing during these strange times?

Yo! Thanks for having me!! I’m doing good so far! Just been running away to nature, fishin’ and hangin’ with the dogs! But definitely starting to get annoyed on not being able to get good skate and bike sessions going.

How is this Coronavirus situation affecting you and your skate world? If its anything like BMX, I assume trips are cancelled and things are oddly at a standstill right?

Oh it’s harshing our mellow pretty good as well. My board sponsor Creature had several big international trips planned this summer and those are cancelled at this point, which is definitely a bummer. Just really hope we can get out of this penalty box as fast as possible!

So.. we’re here because you’re a pro skater that also ride bikes, which I think is awesome. Did you grow up both skating and riding, or did BMX come at a different time? How does your story unfold?

Haha, man it’s a strange story. Since I can remember I’ve been drawn towards stunts, so naturally some bike riding was involved. Back then BMX’s were so big and heavy that I never fell in love with it. I think that’s why when I found skateboarding I just went with that, but I always remained a little “bikecurious”!

Over the years skating I would randomly borrow other peoples bikes and have a great time riding, but usually ended with a horrible crash cause I was too excited. My borrowed bike injuries include – stitches in my scrotum, knocked out with hole through my lip plus a broken wrist, and 27 stitches in my calf.

Then finally when I was 28, Corey Martinez offered to send me a bike which I gladly excepted! It was so rad to be able to go ride and take it easy since there wasn’t someone trippin and waiting to get their bike back. Only got to ride a few times before I got hurt real bad skating. Had shoulder surgery… 8 months later, FIRST DAY SKATING AGAIN, my hip dislocated while just running to throw down, that’s when I entered a real dark time of dislocating my hip from anything I did and doctors not knowing why. Had hip surgery, didn’t work, and that’s when I really got into BMX cause I couldn’t skate at all! My hip would still pop out while on my bike, but it was less often and much less painful to deal with cause I had handle bars to hold onto.  The ability to still be able to go to the skatepark and learn a trick and progress on the bike honestly probably saved my life. Then after 2 years off the board, my hip finally stopped dislocating and now I’m just full rocket power bringing board and bike everywhere I go!!

What got you into BMX?

Always thought it was cool when I would see it but what got me into really following it and backing it super hard was being invited to X games and dew tours and getting to see gnarly biker dudes Ride live!! I would always make sure I was around to wAtch the bike contest and a bunch of the riders would notice me always watching and they were so fucking friendly and supportive of my interest!! Shout out to Scotty Cramer and Chase Hawk!!

You seem to be down to ride it all. You’ve shared park clips, dirt clips.. etc. What do you like to ride most?

Definitely like it all!!! Except drops. No idea how those dudes take the impacts they do! I jump a 6 stair and my frail skateboard wrists turn to dust!!


You recently posted a clip on Insta where you did the same line on a bike and board. Do you often ride both during your sessions?

Any chance I get!! I only don’t bring my bike if a friends driving cause skaters love to bitch about putting bikes in the car.

Does your local scene help you have fun on both? Tell us a little about your local area.

Well Portland definitely has a really good tight knit skate scene and the biking is no different.  We got Shad and Goods BMX crew who definitely hold down for the NW!!

Assuming you follow both scenes somewhat, what similarities do you see between skate and BMX?

BMX scene is much smaller and has a stronger camaraderie, it reminds me of how skating was when I first got into the industry. The whole “oh you skate too! We must be friends” thing has definitely gone away… so many people skate! Can’t possibly be friends with them all!! But still seems like in the bike world they’re still like, “woah you’re an adult who still wants to do tricks on a bike! Think we’re friends!”

From your perspective, what’s the general tone in skate toward BMX? There has been a prickly history between the two at times, ha.

Haha, yeah definitely seen some civil war shit. I was from a small town and we all got along cause there simply wasn’t enough people at the skatepark to choose who you were gonna be friends with. I think we are coming together more though… maybe it’s our joint dislike of scooters.

Give us 5 skaters and 5 riders you enjoy watching.

Hardly watch skating anymore, but always loved Jason Adams, Rick Mccrank, Caswell Berry, Heath Kirchart and Alex Chalmers.

As for bikers, I got a lot of favorites! Gotta have Chase and Scotty! Dennis Enerson of course! Hobie Doan! Devon Smillie, Corey Martinez! DAK!! Nathan Williams! And of course my fellow good ol boy Trey Jones!!!

What rider has the best skate skills?

That’s gotta be Devon Smillie. There are definitely a grip of bikers that can skate though!! Josh Delarosa been getting it too!!

Last but not least, I have a guest question from Shad at GOODS: Do you think being dual (skate and rider) helps the way you approach your spot selection?

Yeah buddy!!  Yeah for sure! I think one of the main advantages is I’m always double/triple checking spots cause sometimes you see a spot and you’re like, can’t skate it, move on. But I’m like, okay can’t skate it but can I bike it? Which keeps me looking at it longer and then you notice another option you can skate!! Plus found so much new shit cause I’m on the skate session and not into the spot so I bike around and find something rad!!

Thanks David, keep shredding out there. Anything you’d like to add before we wrap this up?

Just want to say I’m in continuous awe of the love I get from the bike community!! Thank you all so much!! And thanks to Mountain Bike Dave’s sponsors!! United Bmx, Plants Basically, Goods BMX and Jack & Coke….  

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