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KINK is back with another full length project, this time entitled CHAMPAGNE. It premieres in ATX on October 30th with a YouTube livestream premiere on 11/2/19.

I hit up filmer/editor Darryl Tocco ahead of its release for some assorted facts behind the project. Click below to check it out.


TRAVEL –  Approximately 30 cities in 6 countries

CAMERA / EQUIPMENT CASUALTIES – Nothing too serious, thanks to Jay saving my EVA1 in Madrid.

MISSED OR FUDGED CLIPS – I had a mishap logging a tripod angle of a Nathan clip, but the spot was tense with getting kicked out and the angle wasn’t great anyway, haha. A few soft fisheye clips due to some bad focus or too large of an aperture. Sorry Travis. This was my first BMX project using a gimbal so I had a bit of a learning curve the first trip or two.

CLIP THAT TOOK THE LONGEST – I think Calvin’s fastplant to switch pole jam wall 180 comes to mind. It was shot in an industrial zone in Los Angeles and it was crazy hot that day, Calvin was close to puking.

SCARY MOMENT(S) –  Chad’s experience in Australia was scary in general, he had a few moments on that trip. Nathan had a bad one in Dallas, scared the shit out of us. Calvin’s hubba crash in Germany sucked. Dan ate shit bad in Tulsa, that was terrible also. Doyle’s heart incident in ABQ was horrible, one of the worst nights of my life.

FUNNIEST MOMENT – Hard to say, but from recent memory, we got followed out of a campus outside of Portland on the last trip by two campus police trucks. We led them to a roundabout and Jay drove around it 4 or 5 times in a row, before they both had to yield to a chain of cars and we lost them. We were all dying laughing, and Jay was the man that day. I hope they thought it was funny as well.

VIDEO TITLE – Jay came up with the title, a celebration of Kink’s 25th year. Bit of a new chapter for the brand and team.

EDITING –  I didn’t want anything too distracting for this project. It’s a straight forward, mostly quickly paced BMX video. Just wanted clean, crisp footage.

PUBLIC RUN-INS – More than we would have liked. An interesting afternoon in Cologne with some stressed out rich people and subsequently a few friendly German cops. Lots of cops all over the world. One ambulance. An ex-skater getting laughed at by the entire crew for kicking us out of a spot we were already done with in Portland. Countless anonymous security goons. Lots of heros taking our photos, that’s a big thing now for some reason. Lots of yelling with people who come out acting crazy off the bat. I think I’m getting less patient with age, Jay as well. Give respect, get respect.

ARGUMENTS – No arguments but heavy shit talk. Healthy.

MUSIC – Calvin played the intro song for me and I instantly knew I was using it. Calvin also picked and cut the song for his part. Chad sent me his song and I was hyped. We needed that energy for a Chad part. Nathan’s took the most work to get right, with Dan in a close second. Nathan and I went back and forth on close to ten songs, before I found the winner and we were both stoked. Dan’s song was actually in the running for Nathan originally, but ended up being a bit short. So Nathan gets the credit on Dan’s part. I shazam’d the Travis song in a bar one night and came to find out later it was in “Blessed” (It was a skate bar). It was too late, I already loved Travis’s part and deadline was days away with half the video to finish. Music in general for this project was a group effort though, thanks to the team and Jay and Dave for their input and passion for the project.

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