Q&A: Calvin Kosovich / VANS SHIMMER

Calvin Kosovich has been working on a new mixtape video for Vans entitled Shimmer. It will go live online July 10th and feature 14 minutes of the Vans street crew.

We reached out to Calvin to learn more about the project, so click below for a Q&A along with some disposable camera snaps from the recent SF filming trip.

Hey Calvin… Lets jump right into the title of this project. How did “Shimmer” come about and who coined it? 

So the title was an idea I threw out to the guys about 3-4 months into filming the project. Everyone agreed without hesitation so I knew right away it was going to be the title.

Originally I hit Jerry Badders up about doing a mixtape/online feature with the Vans street guys who lived in California and create a non trip based project. Vans gave us the green light and here we are now, so once again thank you to Jerry and the team over at Vans.

When did talks officially start about “Shimmer” and what was the main goal behind the project going in?

I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a few years now and May 2018 we began filming on and off until the first week of June 2019. The goal was an online mixtape filmed only in California. This changed though, to Ty Morrow’s new shoe colorway and marketing feature video – “Ty and Friends” is the theme.  

Is this the first Vans project that you’re fully responsible for?

Yes, but I also directed Ty’s shoe commercial. That was a really good experience.

What riders are in the video and where have you been to film?

Ty Morrow, Sean Ricany, Travis Hughes, Lewis Mills, Dakota Roche, Andrew Castenada, Bruno Hoffman & Calvin Kosovich. We travelled with Ty & Dakota to Barcelona and Sydney, also an additional SF trip with Andrew and Travis. Bruno stayed with me in LA for a week and basically everything else from the crew is all in California.

You are also in the video yourself. Was it difficult/stressful to be behind the camera as well as in front of it? Who filmed you?

Not at all, I sneak in my footage when the times right, haha. Ty and Dak have my back on the camera so it works out really well.

Let’s talk hardware. What cameras and equipment were used while filming for Shimmer?

So I used a Panasonic GH4, a Black Magic Cinema Camera and a good old fashioned Canon 714 zoom Super 8. A gimbal was used primarily for a cinematic feel but I used a lot of hand held fisheye too. I needed to change up my style and Shimmer will show that.

Any equipment casualties while filming?

Went down once on the board with Bruno after a couple beers, gear was all good and we continued, haha.

Putting you on the spot, was there something you missed due to a camera issue or some other reason?

Well I mean I got the clip? Yeah, I fucked up a gimbal fisheye shot with Ty. We were trying for about 2 hours on the first part of the line and he finally pulled it, so I got into chase but I was too close on a switch 360 over the bench and I moved the gimbal aggressively causing it to drop the camera downward. I picked the camera back up straight whilst still skating and Ty landed the line with a gnarly gap to wall ride. So yeah technology doesn’t make our lives easier. We re-filmed it 6 months later.

Music clearance. Nightmare or not so bad? 

Just got the last song cleared today as I type this, it wasn’t too bad but I’d change the way I do it next time. Working with budgets is tough and music ain’t cheap. Super stoked on the songs though, I tried to put some feeling into this shit.

Give us 1 memorable/funny moment and 1 that you would like to forget while working on Shimmer.

I could easily forget Travis rolling his ankle literally flat at the Oakland out ledge.

I took my first trip to BCN while filming for Shimmer so that was awesome, even more awesome is that I didn’t go to the “seawalls”. I’m too core for the core, haha.

What’s next for you once this project is finished?

Well, Myself and the Kink guys have some work to do, we have a full length on the way. Hyped to be busy, this shit never ends. Haha.

Thanks Calvin. Anything you’d like to add before we wrap this up?

Shout out to Jerry for letting me terrorize his riders with a camera and letting us do a really organic project. Vans is doing cool shit for BMX so you know what to do. Also all the dudes in the video thanks for being apart of it, you could have done what ever you wanted with your time but you chose to be apart of this. Appreciate ya’ll!

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