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DAH SHOP in NYC turned 11 this year. That’s no small feat, especially in Manhattan. I caught up with the OG Tyrone Williams to discuss the shop and all things New York.

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DAH SHOP just turned 11. Congrats! How’s the scene in NYC these days?

The scene isn’t that bad, every other day there’s some new person popping up or a new crew from somewhere I’ve never seen before. You got more older riders having kids and they’re growing up and getting into the shred. In this city riding a bicycle is the preferred way to get around, it’s probably one of the fastest and most reliable in many cases. 

I’m sure its no small feat to keep a bike shop open in NYC for this long. What’s the key to making it work?

For me it hasn’t been easy by any means. Trends come and go, so I try not to pay too much attention to em but I try be aware. If it wasn’t for the everyday average neighborhood cyclists and us simply providing repair service for all sorts of bicycles when we can, we might not be able to be here. Costs go up on everything from all angles yearly, from the space we’re renting to the parts and services we’re providing. This past winter season was pretty rough, I haven’t paid myself in months just to make ends meet.  

What’s the hardest thing about running a bike shop in New York?

Overheads, the cold seasons, cost of equipment, other competitive businesses popping up in the area etc… There are so many things, down to the books and everything. The list can be daunting. 

How does DAH SHOP roughly break down between bike sales, service and P&A?

It’s pretty much 50/50. Between sales and services.

What’s the most common repair?

Flat tire or a tune up more or less. 

How do you determine what you stock? Is it product you’re into, or product that you think people will buy even if you’re not into it?

It’s pretty much a bit of both. I’ve been in this industry for over 20 years so I have a good idea of things that work and make sense. We’re a small shop in downtown LES Manhattan, things are getting more expensive everyday. There are many brands and options available out there, so there’s no way I could have all the “hottest” products available all the time. I don’t have have that kind of money or space.  

What’s the most random thing you’ve had to order for a customer?

I’ve done a lot of custom builds over the years. I once had a client order a custom FBM Steadfast BMX frame with like a 22-24 inch top tube because this guy at the time named Greg, wanted a dope cruiser style bike with a big fat heart cruiser seat, but wanted 20” wheels. He is really tall, like 6’4” or so… he also wanted his rear brake to operate from his left and right lever at any given time, so I ordered a two way splitter for a brake cable that basically acts as a gyro cable that you can adjust to any size.

How much has the 29″ wheelie bike thing taken over in NYC?

It’s been a phenomenon, RR DBlocks is pretty much responsible for putting wheelies back on the map and across the globe. Salute to him.

How many blocks you got? 

If you could tell me how many of out city blocks add up to a mile?, then just take that and keep going. I’ve caught some blocks with Latti Datti, he inspires me. Respect.

Do a lot of the OG’s still pop in?

Yeah everyone still pops in from time to time. Edwin when he’s not MIA, Nigel when he’s not on the GO, Ralphy when he’s not catching a swag… this place is a melting pot and people show up all the time randomly. 

Every shop has that classic customer who pops in all the time to chill or drive you crazy. Who’s yours?

Hahaha, yeah everyone does but I’d rather not say. They don’t need dah free promotion 🙂

Is the CLAW MONEY security gate still running?

Yeah it’s still up and running, we love Claw. 

Thanks Rone. Anything to add before we wrap this up? 

Just want to say thank you for the ongoing support from you and everyone around the world. Without everyone’s support none of this would be possible. There’s a lot of athletes, artists, and other hard working individuals out there. From the likes of snowboarding, surfing, cycling, skateboarding, yoga etc… receiving support for living their lifestyle types. And a lot of individuals whom aren’t receiving any support as well. However, if anyone wants to sponsor or support me for living my lifestyle, please feel free to contact me. Under Armour, Champion, LuLu Lemon, Essentia water, somebody, holla at me! LOL. You can find and follow me on Instagram @hyrone and my business @dahshop. Thank you once again. Respect, Namaste.

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