I caught up with Jordan Godwin to learn more about DOOMED.

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Give the people a quick background on DOOMED.

The whole idea was born about a year ago when my good mate/boss/business partner Paul Robinson hit me with the idea of starting a company. He already had the idea of calling it DOOMED and honestly the name had me sold. In the back of my head I always kinda wanted to do something like this, so when he asked it just seemed perfect. We both had the same vision from the beginning – no expectations, just make cool shit that we like, and have a laugh. Shits pointless if you can’t have fun with it.

Fill us in on the crew and describe each dude in a few words.

Well first off, anyone that has bought any of our shit, and anyone that distributes/stocks it in they stores is part of the crew. Gotta show appreciation to them people because they’re the reason we are here doing what we want. Paul had a few names in mind but kinda left me in charge of the crew. We didn’t want to create some crazy dream team (even though I personally feel like we accidentally did), we just wanted to hang out and drink beers with our friends more often. There was a couple people that I personally didn’t really know but just knew they would be a good time and yeah it’s all worked out! A bunch of great talented people that don’t take this riding small kids bikes thing to seriously:

FELIX– Felix is a fine tuned dedicated athlete who can legit do any trick he wants, you name the trick you are best at and Felix will be able to do it better, haha. He’s also one of the nicest dudes ever and he’s German so you know once the riding business is done he’s got a beer in hand.

OKANE – Every single thing he says is the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard anyone say, but when it comes to riding the guy has no chill. You can find him on a roof shouting “BRUV! this is the best roof I’ve ever seen, right you ready then I’m coming down” (I haven’t even got the camera out yet). Dudes like a fully charged battery all day, haha.

SAM – I’ve know Sam for the longest out of all the boys and I knew I had to get him on board. So much to be said about Sam… he’s super humble and he will forever be making you laugh, he will drink all the beers and will play 8Ball pool till the day he dies. Riding side of things he always blows me away with the shit he does, he’s always thinking outside the box.

MIGUEL – Miguel is a super nice dude and of course is German also so he knows how to party. The guy has a ridiculous amount of swag on his bike and can do every trick. Basically Germans can do everything really well haha it’s crazy.

DAN – Savage. I’ve only met Dan once, but from that one trip and obviously watching his videos the guy does not mess around when it comes to riding big set ups. Like seriously he is a rail savage, but in contrast to that he is one of the most humble people I’ve met and is a super laid back dude.

REAGAN – Reagan is a boss, and for me I think he’s a really underrated rider. The guy got a bit of everything, and along side his riding he has really positive attitude and is always down for a good time. The guy can drink!

LEWIS – This guy! Lewis Mills is a ball of fucking energy! There is never a dull moment when this man is around! Forever making everyone laugh, he will drink all the beers and party till the sun comes up. The riding simply just speaks for itself. May I remind you he has a an Xgames medal.

I love all the dudes we have involved, they are just all round great people to be around and hang out with, and we all enjoy riding these stupid little bikes, hahaha.

Who is in charge of the image and graphics and how do you guys settle on final art? 

Its split between me and Paul. I feel like we have the same eye for stuff and are into the same sort of things. It usually starts by one of us texting the other at 3am with a spontaneous idea of some sort and then we throw ideas back and fourth til we are happy, then we get it made.

The dismal tongue-in-cheek angle clearly works well with the brands name, and is usually pretty comical. Was this to be the vibe for the start?

Yeah, from the beginning I feel like we didn’t wanna take anything to serious. The humour to me is the best bit for me, laughing at all the stupid shit me and my friends do is comedy gold. If we made you laugh I think that’s mission complete.  

Do you guys get a lot of hate because of this aesthetic? I’ve seen you guys post what I think are online comments from people. 

Um nah not really. I mean you always get some sort of hate, not everyone is gonna like the shit you put out, but at first we got loads for the chipped fish eye and our filming isn’t exactly the Rich Forne standard so people didn’t like that either, haha. We found it funny and wanted some content, so we decided to make a zine (negative mental attitude) with some of the comments thrown next to stupid pictures of the boys. I guess it was just a good way to say “you don’t bother us, we will continue to make more stupid content from it, and will continue to go on trips and have a laugh” haha. They’re kinda just adding fuel to our fire.

Its been fun watching you guys roll out each collection through your Instagram. How do you guys approach each drop?

Thank you I appreciate that. We never really have an actual plan we usually just aim to do each drop better than the last, as soon as a drop has gone out we literally start cooking up new ideas that day.

The strategy of hyping a drop and limiting availability is nothing new, but it always works. Do you care to talk numbers? Do you guys have a set number of tees and headwear you make per design?

Yeah it does seem to be the best strategy for sure, but honestly I don’t think we’ve even worked out the numbers game properly yet. Everything sells out pretty quick so that’s good I guess,

Please tell me that DOOMED is mostly spelled in ALL CAPS because of the MF DOOM song?

Yeah I think that could be a subconscious thing I do for sure, but I think it just bangs harder in caps, haha.

Thanks for your time Jordan. Anything on the horizon that you care to mention or plug?

No worries dude, it’s my pleasure and thank you for doing this with me. YES, there is some sick shit we are seriously fucking hyped on, but can’t let the cat outta the bag yet so you’ll just have to stay posted. I can confirm we are gonna be going on more trips, making more videos, and saving all the good stuff for a DVD which has no deadline so I have no idea when to look out for that, sooner than later hopefully but at the same time we ain’t trying to rush it and we wanna get it right.

Bonus – Top 5 (MF) DOOM tracks in no particular order? 

Ooft that’s a hard one. It’s always changing but right now it’s:
Cellz , Beef rap, Hey!, All Caps & Strange Ways

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