Q&A: Sauce

Eddie Cuellar pic

Eddie Cuellar pic

If you’re familiar with the Common Crew or any of new generation of BMX kids coming up out of Southern California right now, than Sauce is somebody you’re probably familiar with. If not, I think he can simply be summed up as a young motivated kid from HB who loves filming his friends.

I’m always down to give dudes like Sauce some shine if they land on my radar, so click below for a quick Q&A.

Shouts to Eddie Cuellar for the pic.

Name, age and location.

Sauce – 17 – Huntington Beach, CA

First things first…, how did you get the nickname “Sauce”?

I used to be a butter ball with crazy bad “sausage fingers”, luckily that name didn’t stick and it was quickly shortened to Sauce.

What sparked your interest in filming?

I was like 10, way younger than all the homies and naturally horrible at riding. My dad had a Hi8 camera when I was really young and I would occasionally film random family stuff so it wasn’t exactly a foreign concept. The first time I entered a bike shop I bought Ride’s “Insight” video, coincidently Dakota Roche was hanging out and signed the cover. Upon watching it and recognizing several spots I was 100% hooked.

What camera did you start out on and what are you currently using?

I never used the dad cam for BMX stuff but I asked for a camera Christmas of 2007 and my aunt bought me some cheap Aiptek thing that took AA batteries. As for today, all my recent stuff that is currently online is filmed with a VX2100/Opteka 0.3x lens but I recently bought and resurrected someone else’s dead VX1000/MK1 setup so I’ve been using that for the last month or so and could not be happier with it. I occasionally land behind Francis Castro’s HMC150 filming for Monster Mash too.

Ramble off some influences of yours. BMX and NON BMX.

A lot of people. Beagle, Ennis, Rogoish, Hicks, Malouf, Navaz, GX1000, Francis Castro and pretty much any skate filmer I follow on Instagram.

What is your least favorite part of the whole filming/editing process?

I suck at the little things like export settings, sizing, formats, etc. Other than that I think I’ve pretty much learned to love it all. Even if things don’t go to plan when we’re on a trip or out filming, I’m usually pretty good at finding the good in the bad. Things ALWAYS seem to buff out for us.

Any horror stories you’d care to share?

Can’t really think of anything camera wise but a few months ago Denim Cox and I were talking about making a video filmed entirely on freeway spots, hours later his bike fell off the rack on the freeway. By the time we turned around it was completely obliterated and nothing was salvageable. I didn’t talk about that idea for quite some time, then months later the subject came up with Trevor Siklocks, hours later his bike fell off the rack on the freeway. Luckily his somehow made it out alive and we were able to retrieve it but after that I took it as a sign, do not ride any freeway spots or something bad is going to happen. I can assure you I’ll never act on or speak of that project again.

How would you describe the Common Crew?

Whether you’re an OG or a transplant, for the most part we’re a bunch of nerds who know nothing but BMX and love to produce quality content. Nobody really dabbles in any team sports, drifting or even hanging out with people outside of BMX and I think that’s what sets us apart from a lot of other people. Literally all we know is riding/filming and that’s fine by me.

Was Barcelona everything you thought it would be?

Honestly, yeah. I’ve heard my fair share of people talk about Barcelona so I had a pretty good idea what it was like going into it. We had an amazing time and I’ll never forget that trip. What I didn’t expect was to make such good friends during our relatively short stay, the locals are easily some of the coolest/realist dudes I’ve ever met through BMX.

Is there another international destination on the Common Crew radar?

Nothing booked at the moment but we’re always talking about it. Puerto Rico and Holland are looking like definite candidates for the next trip. A major goal of mine is to make it back to Shanghai and rent an apartment for like 6 months within the next year or two. I’m dead set on making a “Brighton Ain’t Ready” style video in China with as many homies as I can convince to buy the $700 plane ticket out there. That’s pretty far down the road but I hope writing it here will motivate me to make that shit happen ASAP.

What’s up with Monster Mash?

Between various injuries and the boys progression rate, it’s been hard to wrap up. We’re dead set on perfection and it having zero “ehhh” moments. I assure you it truly is a masterpiece with everyones absolute best footage to date and I can’t wait to see how Francis edits it up! I’m confident the day of our premiere is gonna be the best of my life.

Do you have any filming DO’s and Don’ts that you wanna throw out there?

Personally I’m not a fan of most DSLR stuff, I just think it looks boring and vibe-less. As for the VX, just setting the colors gives me the same feeling I get in line at Chipotle or removing panties.

Thanks Sauce! Anything you’d like to add before we wrap this up?

Before you export put yourself in someone else’s shoes and ask, would I watch this more than once?

Shouts to Nuno for this Q&A. Adam22 for letting me blog with The Come Up as a 14 year old and fucking with our crew from very early on. Catfish for helping us with anything and everything travel related. Aaron Burgandy, my go to VX doctor. Anybody who’s helped me find particular spots, acted as a tour guide or let me/us crash on your floor. And lastly all the homies for always stacking clips, I wouldn’t be able to do it without you guys!

3 responses to “Q&A: Sauce”

  1. Eddie Cuellar says:

    I took this photo chris Eiland is in the picture lol.

  2. Jax Anderson says:

    Common Crew are hands down some of the best people in BMX right now! That BCN video is honestly such a great video that truly captures that crew vibe and what it’s all about out in the streets and the fact the riding by them is so insane is really just an added bonus!

  3. Harriet says:

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