What Could Go Wrong? – Assorted Facts

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By now, a lot of you have seen Shadow’s new full length video ( What Could Go Wrong? ) or will be very soon. It should be on your radar.

It’s available now on iTunes or you can hit up a shop.

A lot of interesting info can come out of a lengthy project like this, so I hit up the Shadow crew for some assorted random facts about the video and its making. Read on to check out some assorted facts courtesy of Chadwick (Shadow TM).

– Joris Coulomb came up with the name “What Could Go Wrong?”. The idea at the time was to call it “Thirteen” originally because it was Shadow’s thirteenth year existing, but also because of the bad luck superstition behind the number. Joris thought the name shouldn’t only be about the bad but have more of a duality to it. “What Could Go Wrong?” is a statement that can go either way and I feel the video shows both sides of that.

– The only person to see any part of “What Could Go Wrong?” besides myself before the day of the premiere was Shadow owner Ron Bonner.

– There are clips from all over the world including 12 of the United States, France, Germany, England, Spain, Italy, Ecuador, Canada, and Mexico.

– I have been using the same Panasonic HMC150 since I got the Shadow job and the camera stuck with me through the entire WCGW filming process. The only change was that I switched to a 60D for my fisheye shots mid way through the video.

– The oldest clip in the video is from September 2011 of Albert Mercado at the infamous Garfield Elementary School ledges in San Diego. This was the first time I ever met both Simone Barraco and Mariano Santiago.

– Each and every song in “What Could Go Wrong?” is licensed and cleared for use in the video including artists Ceremony, Com Truise, Yuck, and more.

– Trey’s song is by the obscure, old school metal band Pagan Altar. In a weird stroke of luck I found the lead singer Terry Jones’ son’s Facebook and started the clearance process through him. Before the video was finished Terry passed away from cancer and was unable to watch the finished product. RIP Terry!

– There are multiple shots in the video that have random Dr Pepper cans/bottles scattered throughout them thanks to Trey Jones’ unhealthy addiction and my lack of caring.

– I have known Shadow rider Eric Bahlman since we were 16 and have now filmed three full-length parts with him.

– The video was edited using the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.

– The biggest age gap between riders in the video is 15 years.

– The effect seen in the video is water and red food coloring shot through a clear container and then adjusted in post.

– Three riders (Albert Mercado, Joris Coulomb, and most recently Mark Burnett) made the transition from flow to AM, to Pro in the process of making WCGW.

– Mark Burnett wasn’t even a part of the team when filming began.

– Simone Barraco didn’t know how to crank arm when we started filming. Trey Jones taught him and the rest is history.

– Trey Jones didn’t tell anyone but myself and photog Wes McGrath that he was going to do a no hander in his final clip, hence Lahsaan’s amazing reaction.

– The worst injury occurred when Trey Jones attempted a 360 to crank arm down a rail. He ended up dislocating his foot so bad it shattered his leg. We were locked inside a school and I attempted to drive his car through the fence to get him out before calling his mom who brought us bolt cutters.

– Trey Jones went through 69 hairstyles and colors throughout the process of What Could Go Wrong including dreadlocks that I cut off using a beard trimmer in a Barcelona flat.

– Before Johnny Devlin started filming for WCGW, he had been off his bike for two years. The first trip back he filmed his banger.

– Joris Coulomb’s section was the first edited. Same as the previous video I made for Subrosa Brand “Get Used To It.”

– Each rider in the video had an extended stay at my home in Arizona with Seth Kimbrough staying the longest at a month and a half.

– When doing the credits I found I had close to five hours of B Roll footage that will at some point see the light of day.

– Trey Jones nose manual to quick gap wall was four years in the making. He originally tried it when we were filming his Welcome to the Pro team edit.

– Both my middle school and high school are ridden in the video.

– On multiple occasions, Trey Jones has struggled with landing a clip, taken his shirt off, and landed it immediately after.

– Lahsaan Kobza’s part is dedicated to his mother who passed away during the filming of “What Could Go Wrong?”

– Seth Kimbrough’s banger took close to 200 attempts to land. Eric Bahlman told him it was “impossible”.

– Lahsaan Kobza started off his BMX days as a racer making it all the way to A Pro. His high speed manual 180’s are a great example of his previous skills.

– Trey Jones and Lahsaan Kobza couldn’t be more opposite of human beings but some how are best of friends. Both have ridiculous nicknames for each other like Slap Jones and Lotion Cobra.

– “What Could Go Wrong?” simultaneously premiered in over 90+ locations all around the world over a three day weekend. This may be a BMX record.

– Although he attended the premiere, Trey’s dog Jesco makes no appearance in the video. Trey has not let me live it down.

– I am 100% happy with the outcome of “What Could Go Wrong?” and wouldn’t change a thing, something I’ve never said about any video I’ve done in the past. Thanks to everyone who made it happen.

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