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Endless Mag sprung up out of nowhere in the wake of Ride UK’s print demise. It seemed like support was instant for the new venture. While the first issue is still yet to come out, Eisa has been busy on the road keeping the Endless Instagram active, dropping features on the site and presumably gathering content for issue 1.

I hit up Eisa Bakos to throw some questions his way regarding Endless. Click below!


Eisa, Hello! Give the people a bit of background info about yourself.

I have been living in and around London near enough my whole life. I first started shooting photos around 5-6 years ago after I ruptured my ACL riding. I used to earn my living as a waiter working at Frankie and Bennys for 3 whole years and only recently as of last year committed 100% to photography as my full time job and couldn’t be more stoked.

You’ve just returned from Amsterdam. How was it?

Yeah Amsterdam was dope. I met up with the NRLY crew while filming for their 4th video that Alex is working on. Amsterdam has some amazing spots and the boys killed it for real.

So right off the bat… a hard question to get out of the way. The first thought that crossed my mind when I heard about Endless as a new magazine venture was ‘Why?”. Given the recent changes and the perceived difficulties with print … why start a new BMX magazine? Granted, I don’t know the scale of this project, but that was my first thought.

After I received the news that Ride UK pulled the plug on print I was pretty bummed. This left me in a position where I knew I wouldn’t be as happy shooting photos to then be thrown up online all the time. I know online is in demand at the moment and certain trips and contest are perfect for the web.

I had already tossed up the idea about doing my own thing before hand that but I guess reciving that news really pushed me. I want a magazine where the content featured is cool shit that people wanna read about. People out there still want print and currently in the UK we don’t have a present one. I still believe a magazine can be appreciated, if no one else is doing it who’s their to stop us?

I’ve always been a fan of a good magazine and I‘m happy to hear that someone is jumping in to fill a void and I respect that. What is the plan with Endless as a magazine and its direction?

The magazine will be FREE. Our target is to release 1-4 issues a year (quarterly) but this could change depending on our budget, as will the number of copies we print. Our website will also have a online version of the magazine available after the magazine has launched.

Given the history of BMX magazines, which will Endless be closer to in style?

If we are talking about the style of layout I have always liked the clean simple look of the Albion. The Albion killed it and will be the best BMX magazine to this day in my opinion. With Endless we want to keep print alive with our own character and style. I’m pretty shit when it comes to write up and I’m not going to sit looking through a thesaurus to replace words I use on daily occurrence to something I’ve never heard of to sound like someone I’m not. Thats not me brahh! Take a look at our t-shirt descriptions on our site shop or instagram captions, that kinda sums us up style wise I guess haha.

Who is involved behind the scenes?

My good friend Fooman has been down since day one. He has crazy passion for print and is always killing it behind the camera. My dudes Mike King, Beige Duffy and Cal Earnshaw gonna be helping out on the video side. As for international content I’ve had a bunch of well known photographers hit us up to get involved which makes them bad days in the office so much better. Knowing you got dudes on the other side of the world who kill it on the camera wanting to be part of Endless is seriously amazing.

simone barraco

simone barraco

What can people expect from issue one?

Expect the unexpected haha.

Seeing as you’re a photographer, will photos play a large role?

100%, If I shoot a photo and I’m stoked on it and it don’t make it to print and just slapped on instagram it sucks. People like to have their memories printed, whether you’re a Photographer, Rider or just reading the mag….. Print Will Always Be Print!

In terms of availability/distribution, how far reaching will the magazine be?

Our first issue will be distributed through all main UK bmx distributions that will be advertising in the magazine. Making it nice and easy for the shops to receive. We also have streetwear and tattoo shops in and around London that will be stocking the magazine. Hoping to reach out to people outside bmx too. I’d love to get it to Europe and the States but you got to learn to walk before you can run ayy.

Will you guys focus on web projects while putting together issues to keep your brand flowing?

That’s the plan yes, the website will have features that make sense to go online but if it can be saved for print thats what will happen. Contests features always get a good feedback like Munich Mash from a couple week back. Our next one penciled in the Vans US Open in California, keep a look out for that one.

Thanks Eisa, all the best for you guys. I look forward to what you guys are working on. Anything you’d like to add before we wrap this up?

Keep them eyes peeled for issue 1, it’s gonna be swagtastic, you already know!

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