Mornings At Grant : Brian Kachinsky


Mornings at grant_14

It’s no secret that Chicago got a new skatepark in the heart of the city at Grant Park. Dew Tour invaded it a month or so ago and I’m sure there will be more jams and contests held there in the future. My work schedule leaves me to mainly be getting in some early morning sessions and I have been meeting up with some of the dudes here in the city to get some morning coffee and bmx in before we start our normal day.  I felt this would be a great place to share some photos for an ongoing pseudo series that I’ve been shooting with some of the dudes here in the city, some known and some unknown.

Click below to scope out BK getting it in while most are on their morning commute.

Brian Nollie to Manual 1(1)

BK with a nollie to manual on the “A” frame…his version of morning meditation.

2 responses to “Mornings At Grant : Brian Kachinsky”

  1. Ben Austin says:

    Very cool. Can’t wait to head out from MPLS and check the new place out. Quality snap and quality riding!

  2. Alexandria says:

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