Dean Dickinson & The Nude Bowl

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“Dean Dickinson” and “pools” are basically synonymous with each other. Proof and Proof. When I saw that he recently rode the historic Nude Bowl, I had to hit him up about it.

Click below for a Q&A and some cool photos from Dean himself.


We know you love pools, so give us a brief history lesson on the mythical Nude Bowl.

To my understanding the Nude Bowl was originally a nudist colony in the 60’s and 70’s. Around 1980 the property went vacant, all the hippies put on clothes, the pool was drained, and skaters/BMXers from all over shredded the bowl. Wilkerson, Blyther, Clymer, and Hoffman are few worth mentioning. The pools been filled in and dug out a number of times throughout the years. I think around 99′ a group of skaters dug out the bowl and threw a massive pool party. Apparently some people were taking some pretty heavy drugs and someone got stabbed. The local authorities and property owners were pissed so they shot it up with shotguns and filled it in with dirt.

The pool has been buried for a long time. How did you find out that it was rideable?

I think The Nude Bowl was buried for about 15yrs. A couple months ago I was flipping thru Instagram and saw a photo of The Nude. The picture looked like it was recently shot. In a frantic craze, I text some of my pool skater friends who live in Southern California. “Has the Nude Bowl been brought back to life???!!!” was the message I sent. Within minutes I heard back from my friends and they were actually skating the pool right at that moment. One of their friends leaked the photo during the sesh. The shot was taken down right away, I think it was only up for just a few minutes. After that there wasn’t any photo leaks of the Nude Bowl until the Indy ad came out in Thrasher.

Who dug it out?

I’m not sure who dug it out but I’m pretty sure it was a group of local skaters. Thanks dudes!!! Next chili dog is on me!


What happened when you heard it was rideable again? How did you react and what did you do?

Right after I heard the Nude Bowl was a go I bought a plan ticket to LA. I knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity so I jumped right on it. I never would have thought in a million year’s that I would actually get to ride the infamous Nude Bowl. When she was put to rest back in 99′ I thought that was it. Still pretty blown away that I actually got to ride my dream pool.


NUDE BOWL-Enns Roll In

Who did you shred with down there and how was the session?

On Monday March 16th Jason Enns, Keith Mulligan, and myself made the trek out to the Nude Bowl. I kept the crew super tight cause I knew it could get blown out real quick. I invited Jason and Keith because I knew they would enjoy it almost as much as I would, ha ha ha! Plus, those dudes have really good pool etiquette. The session was amazing! Right when we rolled up a couple dudes were skating the pool. The vibe was a little strong. You could definitely tell they weren’t too psyched on bikes. While Jason and Keith walked up towards to the upper concrete lookout I started to chit chat with the skaters. They were a little stand off-ish at first but they started to open up after we both realized we had mutual friends. The Pool Skating Community is super small and tight. 9 times out of 10 when talking with pool skaters I know or am friends with their friends. After that we all rode together. The skaters didn’t stay long since they were on a road trip to San Diego. We said our goodbyes and continued to shred the pool. Enns was tearing it up while Mulligan mostly shot photos. Keith took a slam at Woodward the day before so he only took a couple runs. Outside of Mulligan not being able to ride with Enns and I the session was epic! Definitely one of the most memorable rides I’ve ever experienced.


Will it be rideable long?

Probably not… I recently heard it got filled in again. Sad to hear but I’m really grateful that I got a sesh!

Any final thoughts?

If it’s still out there, come and go like the wind. Only leave your tire marks and respect it’s true beauty.


Old School Nude Bowl magazine spreads/cover featuring Blyther, Wilkerson and Dave Clymer.

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  1. Robert Jensen says:

    The OG kidney!

  2. Robert Jensen says:

    Great story dean!

  3. Robert Jensen says:

    The OG kidney!

  4. Robert Jensen says:

    Great story dean!

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