Eddie O’Keefe

Kristen Blood_905

I had a friend send me a link to Eddie’s site recently, and I was really digging his photo work. I had seen some images floating around tumblr, so some looked pretty familiar to me…but there were a lot more gems to be seen. Looking at his site it seems he dabbles in some video and more….go give it a look!

Also speaking of tumblr give the defgrip tumblr a follow!

Click through to see some of my personal favs off Eddie’s site.






Green Bench_905



Lil People_905


4 responses to “Eddie O’Keefe”

  1. Brooks Reynolds says:

    Awesome stuff. I’d love to see a list of great tumblrs to follow.

  2. Timothy Burkhart says:

    That’s actually a good idea. There’s so man damn tumblr’s it’s hard to keep track. If you have one Brooks shoot me a follow here : http://timothyburkhart.tumblr.com/ …I’ll return the favor and start keeping track of some rad ones!

  3. Brooks Reynolds says:


    I have a couple. My photos and video stuff is at http://brooksreynolds.tumblr.com/ and my inspiration tumblr is http://xbrooksreynoldsx.tumblr.com/

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