Not since the elamenop.com days have I actually sat down and spent a lot of time putting a personal portfolio site together. I’ve always just whipped something together out of necessity, but this latest rendition of my portfolio changes that. The site is broken up into three sections, film/photo/stories… The film section is pretty similar to my last site, but I’m super excited about the photos and stories section. I’ve been shooting photos forever, but have never actually put a real portfolio together. It has been a lot of fun digging through my archives and organizing all my work into specific galleries. The stories section is where I’ll be posting all my personal work from now on. I’m always doing random projects on my own and am looking forward to having a home for them.

Check it all out here! harrisonboyce.com

3 responses to “harrisonboyce.com”

  1. Julian Delia says:

    Awesome stuff man!! big fan of your work m/

  2. Micah says:

    Nice job getting Nigel(?) into the SNL titles.

  3. And this is an investment risk price taking.