Throwback Thursday: Friendly Reminder

rebel jam, nuno oliveira pic, defgrip

Dear All,

unfortunately we had a few complaints from last night.

We would just like to ask you again to keep as quiet and clean as possible.

The ART HOTEL is a brand new, nice and unique hotel and we are in the lucky position to get special rates and a very well treatment.

Please see this as a friendly reminder, it would be a pretty mess and embarrassing if we would need to leave and look for a new place tomorrow!

Plus – ALL damages, trashing or other costs will be charged to your room / CC.

Many Thanks!


This friendly reminder was slipped under doors during Rebel Jam 2011. Presumably only the ones that riders were staying in.

2 responses to “Throwback Thursday: Friendly Reminder”

  1. Sjef says:

    tehehe I remember this one.

  2. Erlinda says:

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