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I always enjoy Vince Perraud’s photos, which is why I’m psyched to have received his newsprint 2013 portfolio that he put together (those are my feet up there). He’s covered Simple Session for us, provided an Autophoto plus more… He’s a regular around here.

Seeing as I was stoked to receive this piece of newsprinted awesomeness, I decided to ask him some questions about it. Click below for that interview.

courtesy of Vince's IG

courtesy of Vince’s IG

Vince, thanks for sending me your newsprint portfolio. I think it’s really awesome. What made you want to tell your story of 2013 in this way?

First Thanks! I realized I’ve been on so many cool trips this year, but didn’t get much print coverage… I used to shoot mostly for mags but not this year, I felt I was boycott aha, and it is never better served than by oneself! I don’t know, I just like paper, real things… And it seems I’m not the only one! I always admired people like Ricky Adam who made his own book or other people who made zine… Last year I got this Carhartt newspaper (Detroit to NYC) that I liked soooo much… I thought I was my time and give a small try…

How many photos did you go through before you nailed down the final selection?

Not much more than the final selection even if I did a bunch of other stuff… cause I knew what I wanted to include… I made it really fast… It was really instinctive but really frustrating cause it was only 36 pages… Of course I’d like to put more but… I keep it for the next one!

Are you able to explain how you chose the final photos for this?

Ohhh first I didn’t want to put action shots but… Some where good ahah… I wanted to put a lot of lifestyle or landscape, But first people I admire or appreciate (among so many other!) from a shooting I simply appreciate… And I can say this year I’ve been lucky with sick location, light and people!

What are you mostly shooting with these days?

For economical reason digi of course! I still got the good old 5d (that i hate!), also shoot with a fuckin crazy 1dx for agency job… Make life easy. But on every trip I always carry a film camera and snap a couple films that I scan when I have time. Really enjoy shooting medium format

As a photographer, do you enjoy Instagram? What are your thoughts/opinions on that?

Aha good question! I would hate it but on the other hand It’s really helpful, simple and it seems a lot of people check my work through this app so I can’t complain. We in 2013 (almost 2014) try to move with the times. And it’s a good way to see what’s going on with your friends all over the world!

Are you sending this newsprint portfolio to potential clients as a business card of sorts?

First I really wanted to send it to my clients or potential ones but straight after I post it on social network, I got so many requests… Just decide to send it to the first ones who send me their address and it was done in 2 hours… I was like ok I’ll get 10 friends who will ask for it and I’ll keep using as promo stuff for 6 month, but no… It’s mostly people that I don’t know or just following me… Crazy! And maybe it will give motivation to kids to move their ass off, who know!

Are people able to buy this or obtain it somehow?

Unfortunatly nope… It was not for sale but a lot of people wanted to pay for it (Cheers!). I just print 100 copy but I’m still astonished to get so many request from Portugal, Spain, Uk, Scotland, all over France, Luxembourg, Swiss, Germany, Lituania, Russia, Australia, US etc… I apologize cause a lot of people still sending me emails and I didm’t had time to reply.

Is there one photo that you would consider your favorite photo of 2013?

I don’t have a particlar favourite one. It’s more the people I’ve met! I‘ve been able to hang out with people like Mikey Aitken, Edwin or Joe Rich for example (perspective!). I’m still like a little french kid.

Thanks Vince, anything you would like to add before we wrap this up?

Thanks for the interview, thanks to the interest from all the people. A massive thanks to all the people I work with, take time to shoot with me, my bro Howard who helped me for the final layout.

This gave me couple of ideas for 2014. See ya soon!

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  1. Josh Monteith says:

    Yo! Thanks again to Vince for the print and sending it all the way to shitty Idaho. Cheers Vince & Cheers Defgrip!

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