Premiere: Beat Ass

Crandall and I had been talking about working on a project together for a couple of years, but the invite for Lords of Fun 3 couldn’t have come at a worse time; I was stone broke and had no business booking airline tickets. I had totally given up on going. Then pictures started surfacing of dudes starting their journey to Richmond, pics of Leland and co on the side of the road with a weird little dog, pics of open roads, bikes, sunsets and middle America. I felt like I was missing out already and I couldn’t stand it. So I booked the ticket and 48-hours later I found myself at a Greyhound bus station in the sweltering heat of Richmond, VA. Crandall arrived sweating profusely and it was full throttle from there on out. This film documents some of the weirdness that ensued over the next 3 days . . .

Fraser Byrne

Make Your Bones

filmed by Fraser Byrne
edited by Fraser Byrne

One response to “Premiere: Beat Ass”

  1. Natisha says:

    And this is an funding danger worth taking.

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