Multitasker: John Hicks

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John Hicks is next up in our “Multitasker” series. John knows his way around a video camera and knows how to handle his BMX equally as well. Eyeball his Vimeo page for proof.

Continue reading as John Hicks discusses a few video/riding related topics.

Carrying equipment while out and about:
Jeff Z taught me overpacking is always better than bringing just the essentials. Pack that bag to the tip!! If it's too heavy.. Start doing pull-ups, for real.

Wanting to ride, but having to film:
Makes those first cranks without the bag on your back that much sweeter.

Riding vs. Filming:
Getting a good shot gives me the same euphoric rush I could once only achieve through doing something new on my bike, and provides mental stimulation I can't find anywhere else. I love filming!

Keeping an eye on the camera gear when riding:
If you're somewhere potentially unsafe, keep your bag on your back!! No excuses. Otherwise I'd put it somewhere relatively in the open where It can be seen from any angle, and keep eyes on it.

Preferred method for filming while rolling:
Skateboard for me.. even though my cruiser is all busted half the time. One day I'll be dippin lines on a Segway.. A man can dream.

Video Camera vs. Camera Camera that records:
They both have their glaring disadvantages but HDSLR's served my purposes more effectively during the time they were most relevant. The newer hybrid-ish cameras such as the C300 and FS700 which blend the best features of both make me very excited for the future of prosumer cameras.

Interactive filming:
Shit is bound to happen when you are filming 25 pounds of swinging metal at speed.. Don't be foolish; Get your expensive gear insured.

People who film you when you ride:
Whoever is around to hold it. I am not picky whatsoever when it comes to my own wack ass clips.

Sessions with no cameras:
Frees my mind and reminds me why I love this shit.


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