Q&A: Cult X The Simpsons

the simpsons, cult, duff, defgrip

the simpsons, cult, duff, defgrip

Today we present you with a surprising collaboration. CULT and The Simpsons. That's right, CULT have teamed up with The Simpsons on a series of complete bikes. Starting it all off is this 24″ DUFF cruiser. Duffman is stoked!

I threw Robbie some questions about it all, so keep reading.

It's not every day that a BMX brand teams up with a popular TV cartoon. How did the idea for this project even come about?

The idea for the project came about when we were exhibiting at the AGENDA TRADESHOW in Long Beach. Santa Cruz skateboards had just finished a board collab with THE SIMPSONS, and their people were walking the show. They noticed ADAM L. ROYE in our booth rocking a SIMPSONS shirt and they really liked CULT and the aesthetic of the brand. They politely asked if we were interested in doing a bike collab and we graciously agreed. Adam and the rest of our crew are big fans of the show, so it was natural to work together.

What was the process like in terms of getting this thing off the ground?

Whole nother level. Twentieth Century FOX is the biggest company we have ever worked with. Super professional and we had to step our game up haha.

Is it safe to say that this is an officially licensed Simpson’s project?

Yes, officially approved by Matt Groening himself and their third party approval system.

In regards to the actual bikes, how many different models will there be total and how will they be released? Is there a theme for each?

Yes, each bike is themed after a character, so we have the DUFFMAN beer cruiser and a BART bike on the way.

Is there a set number per bike that you guys are producing?

They're limited, but we are treating them like any other complete in our line, so they are available for pre-book.

Explain this first DUFF cruiser bike.

This bike is made from 6061 T-6 aluminum to keep the weight down and provide a stable, responsive ride. The spec is dialed and with the DUFFMAN logos it looks awesome. Definitely a bike you can thrash on or just cruise to the bar.

Are there any interesting tidbits you can speak on from working on this project?

THE SIMPSONS are an amazing piece of Americana, it's the longest running prime time comedy and cartoon series in US TV history. Pretty wild we are getting to work with them, we are definitely honored.

I’d consider Cult’s image to be “edgy” (for lack of a better word) and not entirely “family friendly”, even though the Simpson’s can be as well, it’s still a cartoon. Was there ever any concerns about image and partnering up between the 2?

That is exactly what attracted them to CULT, the image and aesthetic. They wanted Adam to continue to be creative and do what he does best. There are guidelines and we have been respectful of them.

Thanks. Anything you would like to add before we wrap this up?

Doing projects like this can only increase the publics view of BMX and get more people involved. Anyone who has seen the sample DUFFS cruiser automatically wants one to cruise on, that is a good thing.

Bonus question – Who is your favorite Simpson’s character?

Homer, I feel like him the most haha


5 responses to “Q&A: Cult X The Simpsons”

  1. KDan says:

    Will any of these Simpson theme bikes be available for the public to buy? and how much will they be (roughly) if they are available to public?

  2. Rusty Blake says:

    He said they’re available for pre-booking so since they’re limited get to your local shop and have them order you one.

  3. Tip says:

    Yes they are available to prebook now from Tip Plus BMX

  4. Jake says:

    How much?

  5. i had a fit series 1 says:

    talk about selling out…

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