Q&A: Jay Roe VS. Joe Rich

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When Brian Yeagle contributed his recent interview with Walter Pieringer, he inadvertently kicked off a project I’ve been meaning to start for some time.

The idea is basically to do an ongoing interview of sorts, where the previous interviewee goes on to interview someone of their choosing. After Yeagle interviewed Walter Pieringer, Walter then interviewed Jay Roe, and now Jay has chosen to interview Terrible One’s Joe Rich.


Where are you coming from, where are you at, and where are you going?

I’m coming in from working on the ramp in the back of T-1. I’m sitting at my desk with my cat Ursa next to me in the top drawer, I’m going to bed soon and then getting up early to go swim laps at Barton Springs.

Who are you currently traveling with the most?

That’s a toss up between Joseph Frans and Hanson Little. I’ve been getting about equal time on the road with them both. Every trip I’ve gone on with either of them, has been most excellent. They are both really laid back and up for pretty much anything. Can’t wait to get back on the road with them again.

What kinds of things are keeping you inspired and motivated these days?

I feel like I get my inspiration for all that I am surrounded by. I definitely am a sponge in that sense most of the time. Randomness, my friends, and every now and then taking a minute to look back at what all I’ve been through in this life time, and how much I am thankful for.

Any major filming projects for you or T1 in the future?

I wouldn’t necessarily say major, but I have a few things I want to do. One of them has to do with once I get my van rolling again and the travels that will go along with it. That’s been in my mind for a long time now, just haven’t been able to put all the pieces together yet to make that happen. Soon though . . . I keep telling myself that. I also have a project with our old video, You Get What You Get in the pipeline. I want to re-release the sections from that one at a time and have a small piece before each one with some spoken retrospective type dialog to go along with some unseen footage from that time period. Any time I can get back out on the road inspires me to want to film and make something from it. If nothing else, I will have a good visual banks of a lot of good times I’ve been a part of.

What current riders out there are you stoked on and excited to watch ride these days?

I got a pretty big range there, but it all revolves around guys that make it look good, have fun doing what they do, and absolutely killing it. Here are a few off the top of my head, and I get to ride with these dudes on a somewhat regular basis. Lucky me . . . :
Joseph Frans
Hanson Little
Logan Balbirona
Chase Hawk
Clint Reynolds
Matty Aquizap
Isaac Hoefling

BMX has changed drastically from what I feel like was more of a legacy/reality type of relationship to very virtual and technology based ways of doing business and connecting with people…what do you think about that? Do you think it has been a positive or negative thing?

I think that you could go round and round trying to understand the changes that have gone on. But at the same time, I think there is no way for me to relate to how things are now along those lines, and vice versa, I don’t think they could see the time that we came from. If you grow up with things being a certain way, that’s what you know. And you have to dig around in the past to try and understand another way. But even then, it’s something that you would be learning outside of what just seems normal. I feel lucky to have the span of years I have been riding

How is the T1 ramp doing these days? After an overhaul and what looks like some fresh ramp stickers, what is new with the ramp? 

The ramp is the best its ever been, and it’s only going to get better. Last winter I decided to finally replace a lot of the wood that was on the original part of the ramp. Well, long story short, is that once I started tearing stuff out, I just kept going. There was a lot of wood that needed replacing and I couldn’t find a good stopping point to cover up what was there, so we just kept tearing more out. The entire fix took about 3 months and left the ramp feeling really solid, along with a few changes as well. The changes we made were to some areas that needed a bit more dialing in to make the flow of it all work better. And it did the trick. The ramp feels so amazing right now and there are elements to it that never were able to be utilized the right way until now. Etnies was really nice and donated some money to help keep the ramp as good as it can be so that’s what we are working on right now, the next renovation to the ramp. With riding that thing every day, I always make mental notes of “what ifs” regarding changes. You just see where things could naturally become better with a few tweaks here and there. But tweaks involving wood usually mean a lot of work. Etnies has been a huge supporter of the ramp since the day we built it, so for them to continually make the effort to be involved in making the ramp a great place for everyone, makes me feel very lucky and happy to have them along for the ride.

What is a day like for you in Austin when there is no BMX involved? 

I ride almost every day, but on the days that I don’t, it would probably have something to do with swimming, riding my road bike, occasionally riding my dirt bike, maybe working out back on the ramp, or inside T-1 where I live. Spending time with my family, petting my cat Ursa, catching up with friends . . . I try and fit as much of that into every day that I can when I’m home.

What are some of your favorite U.S. cities to spend time in? 

I feel like me giving names of states works better for me. Due to the fact that most of the time when I travel, I don’t stick around in one specific place too long. I look to areas that have a lot of variety that can be driven to over the course of a week or 2. Colorado, Montana, Oregon and Washington are probably my top 4 right now. It wouldn’t be complete though f I didn’t include the North Shore of Oahu, or the woods of Bethlehem.

When you’re looking for places to visti, re-visit and explore to ride…what kind of stuff are you looking for? What gets you stoked to find and ride immediately?

Big concrete tranny. That’s definitely the strongest driving force in me. New or old, doesn’t matter. I could stay on the road riding that type of stuff for a long long time.

Seeing as you have been on the scene and in the industry for quite awhile, you have seen trends and fads come and go. What kinds of things in BMX do you see re-occuring and cycling over again throughout the years?

People that are looking around and worrying way more about what everyone else is doing, rather than cutting their own path.

Check back to see where Joe Rich takes this…

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  1. Rusty Blake says:

    Nice little read, Joe Rich is the man!

  2. psyche nikuhiko says:

    Joe Rich is akogare!

  3. Andra says:

    That is true for funding advice as well.

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