On My Desktop


Here we go again… A bunch of random stuff that has caught my eye over the past few weeks. A bit more abstract this time, but I've been on a weird digital grime/distress kick lately. I guess it's because I've been working on some more abstract editing recently. Don't worry though, if you make it to the end there some of the usual interiors and car photos. Enjoy!

defgrip_dump_06 defgrip_dump_07 defgrip_dump_08 defgrip_dump_20 defgrip_dump_26 defgrip_dump_44 defgrip_dump_50 defgrip_dump_02 defgrip_dump_03 defgrip_dump_04 defgrip_dump_05 defgrip_dump_09 defgrip_dump_10 defgrip_dump_11 defgrip_dump_12 defgrip_dump_13 defgrip_dump_14 defgrip_dump_15 defgrip_dump_16 defgrip_dump_17 defgrip_dump_18 defgrip_dump_19 defgrip_dump_21 defgrip_dump_22 defgrip_dump_23 defgrip_dump_24 defgrip_dump_25 defgrip_dump_27 defgrip_dump_28 defgrip_dump_29 defgrip_dump_30 defgrip_dump_31 defgrip_dump_32 defgrip_dump_33 defgrip_dump_34 defgrip_dump_35 defgrip_dump_36 defgrip_dump_37 defgrip_dump_38 defgrip_dump_39 defgrip_dump_40 defgrip_dump_41 defgrip_dump_42 defgrip_dump_43 defgrip_dump_45 defgrip_dump_46 defgrip_dump_47 defgrip_dump_48 defgrip_dump_49 defgrip_dump_51 defgrip_dump_52 defgrip_dump_53 defgrip_dump_54 defgrip_dump_55 defgrip_dump_56 defgrip_dump_57 defgrip_dump_58 defgrip_dump_59 defgrip_dump_60 defgrip_dump_61 defgrip_dump_62 defgrip_dump_63 defgrip_dump_64 defgrip_dump_65 defgrip_dump_66 defgrip_dump_67 defgrip_dump_68 defgrip_dump_69 defgrip_dump_70


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