Paul Luna pic

Paul Luna pic

Whether you see Mike Escamilla watching Catfish throw-up on TV, fishing in the Caribbean with Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz, free-falling from the sky with some flying squirrel suit, acting on set next to Kevin James, taking photos for the New York Times, or watching him shred on his bike, it will make you jealous of the life of Mike. Anyone saying otherwise is lying to themselves.

The 20 something years I”ve known Mike, he has always been the most driven guy to make his dreams a reality and he will go above and beyond to get it done. In the same way he came up through bmx, he uses that drive and go-for-it attitude for all the crazy adventures he gets himself into. That, and I don”t think I”ve ever heard him ever back out of anything he”s set his mind on or say something wasn”t possible.

By the time you have read this, Mike has already jumped out of a plane, taken his truck off road and possibly put up 2 epic Instagram posts. #betheadventure.

– Brian Castillo

Rooftop! How”s things?

Things are good! Been busy, life is changing and shifting as always. Just trying to prepare myself for the next few months. My summer so far has been so busy, about 12 or 13 countries since May as well as a bunch of events here in the states. Riding as much as I can and always looking forward to the next adventure.

You”ve probably just returned from somewhere, are about to leave for somewhere or just jumped out of a plane. Which is it?

Just jumped out of a plane.

Right off the bat. The commentating on that Van Doren Invitational live feed/webcast a few weeks back was fucking incredible. I don”t remember anything like it in a long time. You guys were funny, raw and the jokes were flying. How did they end up pairing you and Robbie together for that? They could have easily picked some generic robots.

Well Dennis McCoy and I have been friends a long time and this year we have been doing a lot of the same trips, so we have been making a point to take a extra day on these trips to go ride. With him running the comps, it just came up one day and he asked me to judge and apparently said I may be doing the webcast instead. Due to my lack of memory and laziness to open and actually read emails, I totally forgot and thought I was judging till I showed up about an hour before we needed to get on the mics. The pairing up with Robbie, Crandall and I was just by chance I guess. I had only done 1 webcast before and I barely took part, and Robbie and Crandall I don’t think had ever done one before. Guess it worked out, we felt like we sucked.

Seeing as you guys cursed and said pretty much anything you wanted, I”m assuming there were little guidelines or restrictions. What was the brief before they set you guys free?

We asked about that, the only thing that was said was “it’s the web, do what you want”, but after the first day it was mentioned that maybe we tone the language back a little, no one stressed and it was fun to do. Dennis let us be us. He didn’t push any corporate agendas or ideas on how to present BMX. Now after saying that there was a few things I would of done better, but for a first go it was fine I guess.

I know it”s all in good fun, but did anyone catch feelings afterwards about anything you guys said? You joked about Pat Casey”s hair, Dhers got dubbed Daniel Veneers and that VX1000 looks like shit etc…

Well I heard a few dudes did, but I feel like we gave shit to everyone, or most. And anyone we joked about got the equal amount in props from us. I spoke with Pat after and he didn’t care, he”s not a pussy and knows what jokes are. And plus what can you really say about him, he rode amazing and was the one dude I felt really got snubbed not being in finals. Oh, and VX’s do look like shit… sorry boys. I get people like the nostalgic look and or the way the fisheye looks on 4:3. That”s fine and a totally acceptable reason to like it, but still arguing about what’s better SD or HD is like arguing over cassette tapes to mp3s, VHS to DVD, my bunnyhop pop compared to Dak”s… there”s just no contest.

That live feed blew up Twitter for a bit too. In a good way. Did you catch any memorable comments?

Just ESPN BMX re-quoting things I didn’t remember saying haha.

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  1. Oompa says:

    Solid guy, smart enough to enjoy life through the diverse opportunities offered but loyal enough to remember his roots. Funny to hear him talk about Morgan on mega when he was the first guy to step up and take it on AND he back flipped a helicopter!!

  2. says:

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