Darryl Tocco's Favorite Videos/Parts

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Darryl Tocco is no stranger to the video game. He rides in them and produces them as well. With all the work he's put in, I'm definitely curious to hear his opinions. With that said, I hit him up to speak on some of his favorite videos and parts.

Click below to see what he chose.

Standard Domination

This was the first real video that my friends and I actually owned, so we could watch it every day before we went to the trails. In the mid to late 90's Standard was the only choice on the East Coast. You could get away with riding an S&M, but for the most part if you didn't have a Trail Boss or an STA, you were a clown. When this video dropped, the trail scene on the East Coast was running the show, and this video was documentation of just that. It was something that made us all proud to be where we were from, and doing what we were doing. The team had just suffered it's big fallout with a good portion of the crew, but with guys like Terra, Punjab, Robbie, and Ground Chuck, it seemed like there was plenty to work with.

Anyway, this video rules. Soundtrack is second to none, and all of the sections are crazy. Punjab instantly became my favorite rider, I was modeling everything I did after his shit. Bobby Fisher changed the way I looked at street riding as well, he was hopping over trash cans and grinding everything in Philly. We had never seen anything like it. Shout out to Glenn PP for that masterpiece.

*watch whole video HERE.

Road Fools 1

This shit changed my life, for real. It was like all the right riders and attitudes came together at the perfect time to set the record straight or something. (Actually I think Robbie says something along those lines in the video). The vibe of the video and the personalities involved were so down to earth that you felt like you knew all the guys by the time it was over. I guess I was at the perfect age for this one, but everything the crew did, rode, and said was the coolest possible shit you could be doing. Joe and Taj were breaking new ground in the streets daily, Jimmy was showing people how to send it, Robbie was killing it and showing us how to keep a sense of humor. It was a perfect cocktail of good bmx and good people. They were all clearly great friends and seemingly they went on a perfect road trip and changed riding in the process. Everything about it was inspiring to me. I feel like I've been living in a Road Fools since I got my license, those guys showed me what to do and how to do it.

Seek and Destroy

Again, this is another one that had us waving the East Coast flag. It fucks me up that most people under the age of 20 haven't seen this video, I feel like it should be a rite of passage or something. Most of the guys with full parts had become pretty popular names in our area before the video was even out, although we hadn't seen any of them ride or anything. Friends of ours would drive a few hours to ride trails and see Garrett Byrnes or Van and come home to tell us how crazy they were. I went to Drexelbrook trails when I was like 13 and saw Van trucking sets and couldn't believe it, but nothing could have prepared us for the shit we saw when that video came out. Garrett had this style about him that we hadn't seen before, it's kind of cliche at this point but he looked like he was surfing. It was around then that we all started paying a lot more attention to HOW we were doing stuff rather than what we were doing.

As the video goes on you get to see Juliff murder everything, Stauffer in his prime, and Van change street riding forever. Ultimately it leads to the crash section, edited to mythological Philly band, Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza. I don't even know what to say, I was scared shitless after this part ended. In between crashes there is footage from one of the shows that Bad Luck played, dudes are smashing themselves in the heads with tables and bottles, swinging barbed wire bats, and blowing fire in concert goers faces. The crashes and show footage go together perfectly, it's like a 4 minute nightmare. I felt like something traumatic had happened to me by the time the whole video was finished. Epic. Shout out to Darryl Nau and Derek Adams.

*watch whole video HERE.

Edwin in “Can I Eat?”

I don't have to say much here. The God riding to a perfect 50 song, riding perfect setups, and landing everything perfect. Ed made me look at street riding the same way Garrett Byrnes made me look at trails and ramp riding, it wasn't always what you were doing, but how you were doing it. Anyway – feeble hard bars, big manual 180's manual 180 bars, feeble hard 3. These are all still tricks that I'm super hyped on landing, (or can barely do) a decade later. This video, and this part especially, changed bmx and street riding forever.

Eddie Cleveland – Lotek Mixtape

Around the time that Dehart started getting to travel and do the pro bmx thing, he would come home from trips and tell us about Eddie. I had seen random clips in commercials on Props and Lotek promos, and everyone knew he was going to be a big dude soon. When this video came out and Eddie opened the video with Curtis Mayfield's “Move On Up” we all had a new favorite rider. Something about the way Eddie handles himself on a bike just makes him look cooler than you, probably because he is. So effortless he looks like he's dying of boredom when he's doing the craziest shit, it's so fun to watch. Sometimes I don't feel like Eddie gets the respect he deserves, but he'll be one of my favorites forever.

Josh Stricker – “Please Kill Me”

“My Baby Hates Me” by The Stitches was meant to be ridden to by Stricker. This part is bananas. He's hauling ass, eating shit and he looks like he just woke up from a week long whiskey binge the entire time. The song has a fucking broken beer bottle sound effect, it's perfect. Slow, uninspired, boring street riding couldn't have looked worse after watching Stricker death pedal his way through this section. Nothing beats pissed off riding edited to pissed off punk. The rest of this video rules as well, Wiz's part is incredible and Beringer absolutely murders. Also my second favorite Scerbo part.

Quick mentions I couldn't go without at least dropping-
Steven Hamilton “Can I Eat”
Dave Young “Nowhere Fast”
Chris Doyle “Wide Awake Nightmare”
Wiz “Wide Awake Nightmare”
Wiz “Corrupted Images”
Kris Bennett “The Demolition Video”


2 responses to “Darryl Tocco's Favorite Videos/Parts”

  1. dustin says:

    I’m glad someone still gets it, excellent fucking choices

  2. moscrilla says:

    Eddie C. will always have my respect. rolled by my local park in norcal while he was still unknown. that night i took my brakes off and got some slams. not joking at all. slammed my seat too. Eddie is the godfather of 8″ bar, brakless street.