By The Numbers: Devon Smillie

Devon on Lacuna roof

We’ve written down 100 random questions and assorted topics, all of which are unbeknownst to our victims. We will be asking people to pick 20 random numbers from 1-100 and then supplying them with those questions/topics to answer. Who knows what might come up!?!?!

Up next is the recent Bakery slayer…Devon Smillie

What would you do today if it was your last day?

I’d call my family and friends, ride my bike to go get a breakfast burrito, then head down to the beach.

What has been an “ahh-ha! ” moment in your life?

The best is when you think you’ve figured out a trick, or like the secret to it, haha. You get super stoked.

Who are some people you enjoy following on Instagram?

Well of course the homies. I follow a lot of skateboarders as well, and just kinda got into art or tattoo grams.

Toilet paper. When the roll is getting low, are you guilty of using just enough not to replace it, or do you do the right thing?

Well first off, I’m lucky to have my own bathroom, and second, why would you not replace it, you wouldn’t wanna be stuck in there without it!

What trait do you think people need more of in general?

Ride a bike.

Who is someone you had to un-follow in Instagram and why?

Terry Kennedy! I commented on something of his and he followed me and asked for a shoutout, I checked a few minutes later he stopped following me. So you know what I did haha.

Any hidden talents? what are they?

Skatings not so hidden anymore. I raced motocross for a long time, miss it. I can blow bubbles.

How many unread emails do you have right now?

It’s all just junk! I read what’s important.

What is your worst bad habit?

Not falling asleep in my bed

Best gift you have ever received?


Yesterday – breakfast lunch and dinner?

Breakfast burrito from Kellys was brunch, then Pizza for dinner.

What would be your ideal weekend?

Ride some dope schools, have a camera just in case, chill out and get some ice cream, go to the beach. hahaha

What was the last thing you built?

Probably a wheel.

As you have gotten older, is there something you have consciously done or changed in your lifestyle?

I can’t really point it out but I know my conscious is constantly changing but for the better.

What was the last time you were star struck?

Hanging out with Matthias and BK at the bakery.

How many songs do you have in your iTunes library?

Only 1890, that’s 4.5 days of thuggin.

If you were in an elevator and Michael Jordan walked in, what would you do?

I’d say how you doin today? Then go about my day haha.

What is a weird, strange or funny story about something that happened to you?

This isn’t quite funny but its definitely pretty sick! The day we flew into Chicago the Blackhawks won the stanley cup! so you know the whole city was raging, it was tight.

3 words that describe you best / 3 words that would never be used to describe you?

Friendly, creative, ambitious/ bossy, loud, mean (I hope)

When was the last time you stepped in dog shit?

I don’t knowwww shit happens

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