Q&A: Walter Pieringer vs. Jay Roe

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When Brian Yeagle contributed his recent interview with Walter Pieringer, he inadvertently kicked off a project I've been meaning to start for some time.

The idea is basically to do an ongoing interview of sorts, where the previous interviewee goes on to interview someone of their choosing. So Brian Yeagle interviewed Walter Pieringer, and now Walter has chosen to interview Jay Roe.


Kink seems like they’re always doing really awesome trips, anything interesting in the pipeline?

We have some stuff coming together for the rest of year. Hitting up Woodward East in July and then doing some driving. Keeping the random locations going and just trying to get everyone involved on the road as much as we can.

What do you think is the best trip you’ve ever been on?

Mega Tour 6 (2007). Seems strange, but it was the first trip we all did together as the new Kink team. We all instantly became best friends and haven't stopped traveling with each other since. I was 19 and meeting most the dudes for the first time. That trip really symbolized how far I had come to myself, and how I had literally dreamed of something as a little kid and it came to fruition better than I could have imagined in a relatively short period of time.

You once dreamed of being a flight attendant, is that still in the pipeline?

I was actually stoked on doing it for a while, if I ever had to get another job. I always stress about losing my job and not being able to travel anymore. Fortunately, I have since thought of a few better back up plans.

Tell me about your brief stint at Kent State.

That was weird. Basically after high school it didn't look like my pro bike riding career was going to pan out, and I couldn't snake my way into Kink just yet, so I went to college. Kent State University, just outside Akron, Ohio. I didn't want to…I don't think me, my parents or my friends thought it was going to last. However, they probably thought it would last for more than 4 weeks. I didn't drink at the time, had a girlfriend who went to college in Long Island and didn't care about anything but BMX. I don't think I spent a single weekend there, not to mention I was completely unprepared mentally. I barely made it out of High School, I don't know how I even got accepted. Finally, one night I decided to have my buddy Steve Debusk pick me up and we loaded up his truck with everything in my dorm and bounced. Never looked back haha.

You love you some tattoos; what is it about them that interests you, and what’s going to happen when you actually run out of space on your body?

I guess I have always been into self expression. Either through music, riding or getting tattooed, I have always been inspired by other people doing that sort of stuff and doing it well, or at least doing it the way I could most relate to and appreciate.

You’re pretty into motorcycles, eh?

Yeah, getting that way. I was just talking about this with my girlfriend the other day, as she likes to make fun of me for being so “trendy”. I feel like it is a pretty natural progression for people who have spent most their lives on a 2 wheeled bike. I had a '79 KZ650 Cafe Racer bike for a little while. I bought it as someones project bike that was like 75% done. So after I cleaned that bike up a little bit and had my fun, I sold it for my first Harley. I found a decent deal on a Sportster 1200 in Vegas while at Interbike and decided to do it. I bought that bike completely stock, and have slowly taken it apart and made it my own while learning about it the whole way. I have found that spending time in the garage, working on the bike and riding it, is a welcomed and necessary relief from my 24-7 BMX life.

Can we talk about your blanket? Or no?

Haha, we can. I have a blanket. I was born into it 26 years ago, and I haven't been without it since. It has even made appearances in props, the magazines and Kink videos. It's been all over the world! I should probably be more embarrassed about it, but I'm really not.

What are your current feelings about Rochester?

Rochester is where I was born and raised. I am proud to be from there, but I do love to hate it. My family is still there along with some of my best friends so I visit pretty often. I have grown to really enjoy Rochester as a place to visit for a few days at a time.

Why’d you leave Long Beach?

Just ready for a change. I really appreciate my current life set up and just want to take advantage of it as best I can while it lasts. I think California is a really cool place, but I also wanted to try something else and see what thats like. Riding wise I was frustrated getting kicked out of and even ticketed at my favorite parks. California is a street riders mecca, unfortunately I am the furthest thing from a street rider. Haha.

How’s Austin treating you?

Austin has been amazing. I really love it here. Riding wise it is obviously a great place with everything you would ever want to ride. Everyone is really cool, real chill and drama free. It's funny how Austin and Long Beach are such hot beds for BMX riders right now, they couldn't be more different. I think both places are really cool in their own way. I'm stoked I have been able to experience both.

What’s the story with the uniform? What are you, a superhero?

I think I might be. It is actually called “CCW” which is short for Cartoon Character Wardrobe. Basically I have a wardrobe in my closet much like anyone else, except all my t shirts are the exact same, along with my pants, and underwear. I just own like 20 of the same exact, black t shirt, couple pairs of identical Etnies jeans and I just rock the same tried and true kit everyday, haha. I change up the shoes, hat and jackets a little bit. It's not as easy as you would think to dress completely the same everyday. Anyway…it makes shit way easier and simple. I started out wearing a white tee only, but that got changed to black tee for obvious reasons.

How’s the Goat doing? Aside from completely running your life.

She's killing it! My girlfriend and I got her before we even moved and picked her up immediately when we got here. She's almost 8 months now and she runs the house. FYI – The goat is my yorkie poo puppy.

Last but certainly not least: give me your thoughts on the current state of BMX. Go!

The times are a changin'…

Check back soon to see where Jay Roe takes this…


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