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RF12 – Scerbo, Enns & Hamilton by Rob Dolecki / RF4 crew by Dave Freimuth / RF16 Dakota Roche by Rob Dolecki / RF3 Capt. Idiot by Dave Freimuth

What was it like revisiting old footage from these trips to include as bonus unseen footage?

I enjoyed it a lot actually. The pace we were doing the trips became a blur at some points, and you just forget a lot of what happened. So going back and looking through the log sheets was fun, I was able to grab a lot of new clips, mostly from RF 2-7, that had been skipped over at the time. I had been posting some teaser shots to our Instagram (@realpropsbmx) and some peeps asked about the raw, uncut footage of Robbo's finger bike show from RF5. Again, this was something I hadn't originally planned on, but how could the box set be complete without it? So of course I went and grabbed all 64 minutes of that, which is just classic and hilarious. I know that really rattled some people when it originally came out, so wait until people see the new parts haha – all in good fun of course.

Road Fools captured a lot of amazing riding. Is there one moment that stands out for you overall?

Jimmy jumping the Austin Church gap. It's amazing looking at the footage even today, it's just one of the coolest things ever done on a bike IMO. There are a couple bonus sections on the box set where the RF1 guys talk about the gap in more detail and what is was like witnessing it.

Where is the Props rig (rigs?) now?

All sold long ago.

People have been pushing to get the OG cast together for a reunion RF trip, which I don't think would happen. However, do you see yourselves doing any kind of new Road Fools trip in the future?

Ha, this was actually a question all the RF1 guys got asked when they were interviewed for the Featurette section. There is a new bonus section in the box set where they all talk about it. Surprisingly, everyone said they would do it. Jimmy and Robbo would want to bring a modern “wing man” pro to do the serious riding, but it would just be a huge party going out every night with the “pheasants” barking orders at the younger kids. Many seem to think this would be hilarious, so we'll have to wait and see. The main question I have is what would the trip route be? Repeat the same one as RF1?

But as far as a new, regular trip – yes, I really want to do one next year after the book is done. Sponsors are hard to come by these days, so that would need to get arranged before a new trip could happen. If anyone out there has the ability to help in that regard, please get in touch.

Before we wrap this up, I'd like to personally thank you and everyone involved with Props for being a window into BMX (prior to the internet/twitter/instagram etc..), capturing lots of history over the years and keeping BMX exciting.  I'm sure many elements of Props' are engrained into my generations psyche, so thank you for that.

I really appreciate that Nuno, thank you. Glad to have been able to help do that.

Anything you'd like to add before we close this up?

Just thanks for the opportunity to delve into the details of the Box Set. It was a massive project, and I hope people enjoy it as much as I did putting it all together. It was a long, long process but something I'm glad I was able to do – and actually the extended timespan of the project allowed a bunch of new ideas to creep in like I mentioned above, which for sure made it better and more complete. , and it'll start shipping starting the 2nd week of July.

One last thing, as I've mentioned we're back to work on the book project. We know the Road Fools series has impacted a lot of people, so we've put up a testimonial page where people can submit their own personal stories for possible consideration to be published in the book. Anyone wanting to hit that up, please go HERE.

Bonus question for the hell of it. The first RF had a slight “anti-Standard” vibe if you could pick it up. Did you guys ever get any backlash from that?

Of course you are referring to the drama with Rick and Robbo and when we went to Rampage on the first day of the trip. Then in later portions of the video, people are seen peeling off Standard stickers, and during his birthday night at Applebee's, Robbo's birthday wish was to be off Standard – which came true soon after. No, I've never heard of any backlash from Rick about all that. He was even on trips 8 & 9 and nothing ever came up so I doubt he cared. We've actually asked him to comment on this for the book, so we'll see what, if anything, he has to say about it.


2 responses to “Q&A: Chris Rye / Props Road Fools”

  1. Oompa says:

    Thanks Chris for all you hard work and documenting our sport in the best possible light. It is very much appreciated. Oh and the music…. awesome!!

  2. Jimmy Le Van says:

    Hell yeah Chris! This was a great time for us all. The little trip to SC then Road Fools were probably the most fun times times of my life. Thanks for making for making our talks actually come to life. BMX would not be the same with out your work bro, much thanks !

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