Welcome Timothy Burkhart

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We’re happy to announce that Chicago based photographer & rider Timothy Burkhart will be joining us here at Defgrip.

We happened to come in contact with Timothy one day, and one thing lead to another. We found that we had similar interests and bringing him on board worked out naturally. Timothy has been a fan of the site for some time, has a BFA in photography/studio art, is currently handling photo duties for The Bakery and carries too many cameras. He knows what we’re about and we look forward to having his posts in the mix.

Follow Timothy on Tumblr and  Instagram.

4 responses to “Welcome Timothy Burkhart”

  1. Vorel says:

    Fuck yeah Tim! Can’t wait.

  2. Haha hell yeah Vorel! Thanks man!

  3. Pawel B says:

    Heck yeah Tim good for ya!

  4. Diane says:

    And that is an funding threat price taking.