Matty Lambert: 5 Favorite iPhone Apps part 2!

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It”s been about a year since we last hit up (pictured here on the right) about his favorite iPhone apps, so let”s see what he”s using now.

I asked Matty to fill us in on his current favorite apps. Click below to check them out.

Vine: I”m sure most people either love or hate this app by the time they read this but it”s a good app to shoot quick iPhone clips. You”ve got 7 seconds to fill but it only records when you hold your finger on the screen. It”s a challenge to make something good, or something that people want to view. Anyone can make something remotely interesting with photos on Instagram but making good Vines is hard.

Slowpro: Shoot legit slowmotion on your iphone. The app enables you to shoot 720/60p footage on your phone and lock exposure, which can be conformed to 24p (in app) to give you 2.5 times slowmo. There may be other apps that do this on the market but this is the only one I”ve found that you can also lock your exposure.

Lens light: Not for everyone.. add a bit of extra flare, light leaks, rainbows textures etc to your pics, it”s just a bit of fun but I get some laughs out of it.

Picture Show: Snapseed is my go to for editing and tweaking photos but if I want apply quick look instantly on my pictures then I use this.

By Post: Send your phone photos as postcards from your phone from anywhere to anyone. I”m away quite a lot so this comes in handy sending postcards back home. It”s just nice to be able to send your own photos on postcard, a good excuse to see them printed.

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    cheers for these! Stoked on bypost.

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