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This is a photo I shot of Coco Zurita this winter down in San Diego. We were working on some lifestyle photos for a Vans project and so I have this go-to spot for good light that I usually end the day with. It’s under a bridge and when the sun sets it’s like a giant warm soft box back lighting the subject. Shoot it at 2.8 and it looks like it could be anywhere. So since Coco has a nest of hair we ended up out there using some lightning bolts he made at home in Chile at the focal point. This photo in particular looks like there is another man’s face in his hair. When I was editing it made me do a double take so I figured it’d at least be an interesting photos to look at a couple times for a Defgrip @random.

Congrats to Coco for getting on the vert podium in Brasil! One fun fact about Coco is that when he goes home to Chile he forgets for to pronounce “j” in english and says a “y” sound instead.

Justin Kosman

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