I bought some skate mags…


So a few weeks ago I received some issues of 43 Magazine in the mail. These issues weren’t free, I actually sought out to purchase these because I was that excited about a few images I had seen online.  This was the first time in my BMX filled life that I felt the need to purchase a skate magazine.  43 Magazine is unlike any other mag that I’ve seen in the action sports world, it has a heightened artistic feel to it and the photography in these is top notch. Looking at them actually got my juices flowing to go shoot riding photos more than some BMX magazines do.  I highly recommend you glance at the site or snag some for yourself, if you see them at a local bookstore or steal em’ from any skater buddies you may have. They are definitely a treat for anyone into photography or design.

Click below to see a few more images.






6 responses to “I bought some skate mags…”

  1. bob says:

    yeah, it made nigel want to go shoot some photos too apparently

  2. Gonna have to pick one of these up

  3. Matt Hildebrand says:

    Yeah all these photos have something extra in them

  4. revdub says:

    I’m heading to my local shop to buy issue 3. These photos look great.

  5. danohal says:

    dope shit