Somewhere in Arizona, 3 chain link fences keep some wet clothes safe.


Staying low key aficionado and one of my oldest friends, Coleman Beabout battles the snow one winter in Muncie, Indiana.


On a recent trip to San Diego, I was fortunate enough to catch a quick session with some of the deadline crew. Not letting myself fan out but knowing I had to remember the day, I had to sneak the photo of Reynolds and Ennis mid line.


If there’s one thing Chloe hates, it’s when you tell her what to do, or what not to do in this case.

She wasn’t allowed to kick down the icicles until I left home for the winter, needless to say about 45 seconds after my departure they were down and the front door was back in use.


I’ve always liked this photo, for awhile it was the only thing I had up in my room.


One of the first bmx photos I ever took, this curb is what we grew up grinding and takes me right back to that time.

Matt Hoyt with a feeble while Nick Carunchia checks the chrome. Photo complete with barn and old basketball hoop, Indiana.


I don’t remember where or when i shot this, I just really like the way it came out.


If you’ve never broken into an abandoned midway demolished motel, I would recommend doing so the next chance you get. They put the toilets into the bathtubs and then run a juggernaut through all the load bearing walls.


When homies come to America for the first time, you want to show them all you can.

Vervaeck Thijs made it all the way from Belgium to link up and we didn’t want to let him down. Thijs soaks it all in while Malouf’s sweatshirt says it all. Reed Stark making himself comfortable per usual.


One of my favorite things about Arizona are all the mountains you have access to, these charred trees make a nice natural frame 8000 feet up on the last day of a Tucson road trip.


Reed Stark and Si Gibb take a breather while riding the skatepark that is the Aberdeen Hospital. On our way out, Si informed me that the place is open, had me fooled.


While filming for his latest “In Arizona” edit, Reed would literally crush any spot we arrived to. This ‘spot’ was no exception.

Out of his bag of swag comes a Mike Mastroni-esq move at a Sean Burns-esq height before leaping down the last 2/3rds of his big idea.


A couple of my friends in Arizona


A typical morning with my good friend Shitty Mac. In between rapping Andre Nickatina in the undies and making some top ramen and cheese burritos, he stops to dial in the days plans with the realest g, Jeff Z.


When you’re exploring northern Phoenix ditches, you come across a lot of things, sometimes even a mantra to live by.


Growing up this was the ultimate spot. While cruising LA with Shawn Mcintosh one day we made a quick stop.

The Staples Center ledge in all her glory, from a right side grinders perspective of course.


Shot this out the window driving through some Arizona mountains, reminds me of old men.


Just a stones throw away from my parents house is this huge empty brick silo, even more strategically placed is the cubby hole you can crawl through to get into the center.


I would see this tag almost everyday when I was working for my dad. Graffiti is a beautiful thing even when there’s absolutely no effort or skill put in. Less is more.

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photos by David Grant