G.U.T.I. – Assorted Facts

ryan sher / rich forne pics

ryan sher / rich forne pics

Unless you’ve been living under a pile of roses, than you should be aware that Subrosa’s Get Used To It video is available now. Featuring Hoang Tran, Lahsaan Kobza, Simone Barraco, Joris Coulomb, Mark Mulville, Kyle Hart  and Scott Ditchburn (and many others), naturally makes this one to feast your eyeballs on.

The DVD is available in shops and mail orders now, along in digital download form right HERE.

I hit up Ryan Sher to compile a list of assorted GUTI facts, so continue reading to check them out.

-The name Get Used To It came from Greg Smee. We were talking about being a new brand, and he said “we’re here, so they better get used to it”

-We got clearance, licensed, or commissioned all the music in Get Used To It. Support the bands that supported a BMX project.

-The Fugees wanted “lower 6 figures” to use “Ooh la la la”

-The oldest clips in Get Used To It are from Bogota, Colombia in July 2008

-Our original VX2100 and Death Lens is our only surviving camera. That same camera also filmed The Shadow Conspiracy video Into The Void.

-Joris Coulomb filmed his awesome section on 2 trips. Barcelona and Phoenix, Az

-I believe Kyle Hart started using the acronym G.U.T.I.

-Chadwick came into the project in the final 2 months of filming. The outcome was obviously amazing.

-G.U.T.I. is Chadwicks third full-length video

-Hoang has the longest hair in G.U.T.I.

-This is Mark Mullville’s second all dirt section.

-This is also Mark Mulville’s second all Black & White dirt section. (Anthem 2)

-G.U.T.I. has the first full video parts from Simone Barraco, Joris Coulomb, Scott Ditchburn, Kyle Hart and Hoang Tran.

-Rich Forne did not have a full section in G.U.T.I. because he was added to the team in the last month. (I get a lot of questions about this haha)

-The G.U.T.I. premiere in Estonia during Simple Session sold out and was standing room only. Sorry to the line of people that couldn’t get in. It was awesome!

-The final clip for G.U.T.I. was Hoang’s nose wheelie on the ledge sticking out of the wall under the bridge. 2 awesome angles filmed by Walter Pieringer.

-Many VX’s were harmed in the making of G.U.T.I.

-Kyle Hart and Gabe Fonseca performed and produced the song for his section in G.U.T.I. It’s called “Lovely Ladies”

-One G.U.T.I. trip to North Carolina was so hot we could only ride at night.

-I love Get Used To It.

2 responses to “G.U.T.I. – Assorted Facts”

  1. eyo says:

    what happened to all the original footage? not just team, but people that had sections filmed and then left subrosa? i’m intrigued, there were 3 different trailers, and all looked like completely different films/diff footage

  2. Lashay says:

    And that is an investment risk value taking.

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