By The Numbers: Sean Burns

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We’ve written down 100 random questions and assorted topics, all of which are unbeknownst to our victims. We will be asking people to pick 20 random numbers from 1-100 and then supplying them with those questions/topics to answer. Who knows what might come up!?!?!

Next up… Bone Deth’s SEAN BURNS!!!!

Top 5 all time favorite movies in order:

1. Terror Vision
2. Big Trouble Little China
3. The Jerk
4. Ernest Scared Stupid
5. the Forbidden Zone

Top 5 favorite websites:


Okay time for a “classic” – you’re stuck on a deserted island – 3 things you must have with you?

One super hot stacked babe that cooks… tits and ass, and a serpant head (which is hot body bad face) that can hunt like a mother fucker. That way I can make either or jealous, hot girls hate when you are with an ugly chick, it makes them feel ugly, and ugly chicks get insanely jealous if you’re with a hot chick. This way I can be the boss.. that’s two so the third…a giant bouncy house thing in the shape of boobs thats unpopable.

What is the word you overuse the most? what word do you wish you used more?

I overuse the word “weird” way too often, even when things are not weird. I wish I said the word “incubator” more.

What is your worst bad habit?

Rolling my ankles. I just cant seem to stop beating the shit out of them. I dont know what’s worse.. that or smoking cigarettes.

Tell us something people don’t really know about you?

It might be obvious by now I’d hope, but still a lot of people don’t know that I don’t like to drink. Not sure what it is but it doesn’t do anything for me. I see everyone drinking and getting dumb and having a great time, but when I get drunk it just makes me quiet or say stupid shit that makes no sense. It’s just not my thing. People get really bummed when they offer me shots and I say no. The look of disappointment that “sean burns” doesn’t like to drink. It’s not that I don’t drink, I drink. I just don’t enjoy it.

Who / what are your influencers in life – name five:

1. Lemmy Kilmister/Motorhead
2. Rock N Roll
3. Jimmy Le Van
4. Van Homan
5. My friends and family

What question would you NOT want to be asked?

Why would I want to look at your eye? Is there something wrong with that weird eye?

What would be your ideal weekend?

Riding with the Bone crew, having a productive session, seeing some live music, hanging out with some hobos maybe watch some bums have sex in an alley, smoke a little doo doo, have a weird night out with the lady and have sex some place strange.

3 words that describe you best & 3 words that would never be used to describe you?

Weird, Horny, & Stubborn. Selfish, conceited, & religious.

Give us some words to live by?

If you can’t beat them, blackmail them.

What do you think is an important topic that doesn’t get enough attention?

Freestyle. This so called “sport” was birthed into the name freestyle, yet there are so many rules now. There’s nothing wrong with being a perfectionist.. but the judgmental bastards need to be shunned, and this does not get brought up enough.

What was the last thing you built?

Kert Petersel and I built a rocket slime pack. It’s kind of like a Ghostbusters pack but instead it shoots out slime onto women.

Have you ever used an alias for any reason?

Only when girls and idiots ask me what band I am in. The Butt Munchers, Sons of Junk, Penis Daddy, the Child Molesters, the list goes on.

What was the last thing you downloaded?

Some art that Ant Scarer did for a Bone Deth badge.

Where were you when 9/11 happened?

Sitting in class in high school, I was in 12th grade… and I believe I rode Skater Island later that day.

How many apps do you have on your iPhone?

Three. Instagram, Photoshop, and Fatbooth.

What was the last thing you bought?

A Chinese peanut truck.

What was the last purchase you made online?

Late 70’s British vintage leather jacket from Ebay. Diet Grundys prison.

Toilet paper. When the roll is getting low, are you guilty of using just enough not to replace it, or do you do the right thing?

I dont really care if it’s a public restroom, but if it’s at someone elses home or my home I replace it.

3 responses to “By The Numbers: Sean Burns”

  1. lames says:

    haha all these fools look like a bad rendition of toxic avengers

    and fuck people who pick on helpless mental defects

    and when you rode skaters island you probably had on some dickies and a camo shirt

    wait did you just admit to riding skate parks????!!! indoor ones at that

  2. Jesse says:

    Its freestyle mate, skatepark, street, dirt, whatever. Let it be….


    Good fucking God I hope you are joking. If so, bravo bud you had me going.

    If not (which I am assuming is the correct answer here) loosen your belt and have a little fun once in a while, you stiff. In a world where we are more concerned with sponsor changes, clothing style, and people’s riding ability, it seems we’ve all lost sight on the most important thing – having fun. Watch any Bone Deth edit. It’s a group of kick ass, ballsy dudes who are never not having fun, and have a style all their own..on and off the bike. Have you even seen Sean’s Anthem II section? Pure fucking mayhem man. I don’t care how a person dresses or what they are into. If I see someone doing as much insanity as he does, that’s enough to get my respect. Maybe read up on him too sometime. See how he feels about freestyle and expression on a bike. Not only will it correct your “I bet you wore dickies and camo” line, hopefully all of this will come full circle.

    Also, one more fallacy I’d like to point out in your shitty comment. Have you never rode your bike in a skatepark before? Why would you point out the fact that he said he rode in a skatepark? This literally makes 0 sense.

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