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Completely different styles right here… but if you’re the type to wanna be unseen in the woods, or be totally seen anywhere else, you’re straight! Love me some Vans.

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LXVI MultiCam_Graph

This April, Vans’ LXVI introduces a new collection of styles designed with an exclusive MultiCam® camouflage pattern.

Developed by innovative NYC manufacturing firm Crye Precision, MultiCam® is a special forces-ready camo print utilized by US Special Operations Forces to allow deployment of virtually any region in the world at a moment’s notice and still have the tactical concealment needed to conduct covert missions across varied terrains, elevations, and seasons. MultiCam® is infused with special infrared signature reduction technology to keep soldiers hidden from enemy night vision.

This season, LXVI outfits the Graph, Secant, Numeral, Variable and Stat with the tactical MultiCam® material, offering a stylish, military-inspired look and feel to the lightweight comfort of LXVI.

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LXVI MultiCam_Numeral

LXVI MultiCam_Secant

LXVI MultiCam_Stat

LXVI MultiCam_Variable

Vans Apparel_Casual Friday Snapback_White Ukuleles_Spring 2013

Vans Apparel Spring 2013 Island Collection

Vans offers a cool variety of apparel and accessories featuring Aloha Camo and Ukulele prints for this season’s Island Collection. Aloha Camo embodies the spirit of a Hawaiian summer with an eccentric mix of beach imagery spreading across the Casual Friday Aloha Shirt, Snapback and Tank in addition to a pair of Spicoli 4 Shades. The Ukulele print pays tribute to its namesake’s influence on island music and culture with various makes of the small stringed instrument covering the Casual Friday Aloha Shirt, Snapback and Tank alongside the Ukulele Boardshort 22”. The Ukulele Boardshort is made of Vans’ Surf Suede, an innovative lightweight material which dries quickly to minimize rashing. Vans Island Collection apparel and accessories are available now at select retailers.

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Vans Apparel_Ukulele Boardshort 22_White Ukulele_Spring 2013







Vans Apparel Spring 2013 Island Collection:
Casual Friday Aloha Shirt in Mint Green Aloha Camo
Casual Friday Aloha Shirt in White Ukuleles
Casual Friday Snapback in Milky Blue Aloha Camo
Casual Friday Snapback in White Ukuleles
Casual Friday Tank in Milky Blue Aloha Camo
Casual Friday Tank in White Ukuleles
Spicoli 4 Shades in Milky Blue Aloha Camo
Ukulele Boarshort 22” in White Ukulele

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  2. I’m seeing those guitar prints and thinking “Adam Banton.”

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