Where are my bags?

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According to twitter reports, there are 45 (or so) lost bikes en route to this years Simple Session. Definitely sucks. I know that layovers are usually the point where shit can potentially go tits up, but this still made me wonder how bags get lost in the first place.

My research led me to the handy infographic below which has some nuggets of info. Perhaps there is nothing a traveller can do to safeguard against lost luggage, but being informed never hurts.


3 responses to “Where are my bags?”

  1. Haimona Ngata says:

    ha ha, Hoggle from Labyrinth, he wanted to bone Sarah so bad, Goblin king cut his mustard, those tights would’ve sealed the deal. Nice try Hoggle!

  2. Mike Hirn says:

    Love the cartoon. There is nothing worse than finding out after a long day of travel that your bags didn’t make it. Last year in Rome I found out that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure certainly applies when it comes to getting your misplaced luggage returned. Okoban tracker tags are equal to way more than a pound of cure in my book. They allow the airline or anyone else who finds your bags to immediately contact you by email or text (without revealing your personal information) with a pickup location. I got mine at Mystufflostandfound.com It worked like a charm for me and I ended up getting my lost bag back in less than 2 hours.

  3. nanoo.net says:

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