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Red Bull Framed Reactions seeks new borders in Amsterdam

Riders face new challenges on 8 June at Westergasfabriek

Amsterdam, Netherlands. With more bicycles than inhabitants, Amsterdam breathes cycling. On June 8th, when the sun goes down, 16 world class BMX riders will be competing at the Red Bull Framed Reactions, an event that will have a changing park course, a first in BMX’s history. The Westergasfabriek will be the venue of the action where master ramp builder and designer Nate Wessel will present a course with moving elements.

Event sports director Andy Zeiss has high expectations: “The event will write history in BMX I’m sure. Created by mastermind Nate Wessel the course will offer some crazy and never been seen before features. All riders will need to re-think their normal riding and take it to the next level in Amsterdam.” He continues: “Supported by a Dutch crowd it can only be awesome, everyone knows that Holland is THE bicycle enthusiastic country out there!”

One of the top favourite riders expected to adapt to the rotating ramps and unique features well is Drew Bezanson. The Canadian not only has a big bag of tricks but is known for riding any terrain in an original way. The possibility to change the course to his liking during the competition will bring strategic plans in order to show the best riding.

Daniel Wedemeijer from Amsterdam is one of the riders making an appearance at the Red Bull Framed Reactions and hopes to make it to the final round that evening. “It feels very special to see an event of this size come to Amsterdam. To be able to compete that day is very unique and I’m looking forward to it,” the 23 year old said.

Who will adapt to the moving and changing obstacles best? On the evening of June 8th we will know.

Spectating is free.

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