1 Loading Up

Loading up in sub-freezing temperatures with 25mph winds

2 Shane

Shane gives the camera some love

3 Bike Pile

Apparently loading 5 bikes onto the rack was a bad idea. Rack broke off 10 minutes into the trip while going 70mph and got hit by an 18-wheeler. Bummed!

4 Roasted Seat

We somehow managed to escape with only a torched back wheel, a few frame dents and a roasted seat. Unreal!

5 Lil Pat

Previous rain kept us from riding the ditches, but Lil Pat was still stoked

6 Nathan Bail

Nathan mid-360 bail off the ledge. His bike ended up diving like a submarine into the fountain and Talem’s fisheye got karate-chopped into oblivion.

7 Water Damage

Checking the wreck footage and damage after pulling the bike out of the fountain.

8 Shane T-Fred

Shane’s glasses are ridiculous, as is T-Fred’s creepiness.

9 Party

A typical hotel night. These fools brought a PS3 on the trip and played NBA 2K13 non-stop.

10 Chillin

Full-on vacation mode. Getting comfortable while clips were being stacked.

11 Dudes

The crew chilling while Nathan destroyed a ledge/rail setup.

12 Nathan cam

Second angle status

13 smith

Lighting it up

14 Fixing Bikes

Daily bike maintenance

15 lil pat ice

Lil Pat icing during the warm-up flat rail session

16 tempe


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photos by Joel Barnett