Discovering Vivian Maier

Vivian Maier was a nanny by day and a street photographer by night. This mysterious lady’s biography gets unveiled after her death. The story is truly incredible; I cannot wait for the release of this film. Check out the trailer for it for now.

8 responses to “Discovering Vivian Maier”

  1. I have to see this….like right now!

  2. dave raffa photo says:

    so sick, Those photos are perfect.

  3. I’ve got her book and can’t wait to see this as well. Her whole story is so crazy…

  4. tabletopbob says:


  5. kyle says:

    her coffee table book is a jammer for sure

  6. Oompa says:

    What an awesome story and hopefully the documentary will be a fitting epitaph. Lucky the buyer was able to realize the value in what he purchased at that auction and the were with all to share it with the rest of the world. How many other stories waiting to be discovered…..

  7. Oompa says:

    Which book would you recommend? “Out of the shadows” or “Street photographer”.
    I am not a photographer so I dont care for the technical stuff but would definitely be into looking at her work

  8. says:

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