Wallpaper: JEST


The story behind this wallpaper is pretty crazy. JEST is a graffiti artist from NYC, who was also part of famed New York shop/brand Alife. I mainly followed him for his writing though. Back in the 90’s, I would drive around all over NYC shooting photos of graffiti.

Fast forward to 2012… I Instagram a set of my old graffiti photos, JEST being one of them (bottom left). I tagged JEST and he ended up commenting and asking for a scan of the pic, which I provided. In turn, I took a shot in the dark and asked him if he would be into hooking up a wallpaper for Defgrip, and he did.

So basically, I shot a film photo in the Bronx during the mid 90’s, Instagram’d it in 2012 and end being in contact with one of the artists. Crazy.

Find your size below. Limited sizes, you get what you get.

1280 x 800

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4 responses to “Wallpaper: JEST”

  1. nick f. says:

    REVS one is sik too.

  2. happa_san says:

    Hey you guys should do a blog post of your favorite instagram accounts/artist that you like to follow or find interesting and why.

    Ive added a few from looking at your instagrams but I think it would be cool to see what you say and also what others might chime in with

  3. Ryan Connelly says:

    They have all been awesome, but the back-story on this one makes it that much more enjoyable.

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